Taylor Swift’s New Makeup Video Sets Beauty Goals For This Festive Season!

Taylor Swift’s fans are exhilarated at the moment as the singer has released a new album called Midnights and has been dropping back-to-back music videos for the songs. In particular, the Cinderella-inspired song Bejeweled has caught the attention of beauty enthusiasts because of Taylor’s glittery, festive season-appropriate look. Here is a breakdown of how you can replicate Taylor’s bejeweled look this party season.

How To Replicate Taylor’s Bejeweled Makeup Look

The song Bejeweled slowly transitions from black and white to color. It starts with a bare-faced Taylor and progresses to a glittery and colorful look adorning the gorgeous singer. Unlike her usual black liner, Taylor transitions from no makeup to a bright, crystal-studded cat eye. Then come her classic red lipstick and sapphire blue teardrops. The sparkly outfits and the surreal atmosphere of the video fall entirely in sync with the bejeweled theme.

So, how can you mimic Taylor’s look for a special occasion without going over the top? The solution is to take small inspirations from her makeup. For example, replace your usual black or brown eyeliner with a metallic or colorful one. Alternatively, you can experiment with small crystals in your eye makeup for a grander affair. Last but not the least, red lipstick is a must for the upcoming festivities, and you should keep your favorite shade of red handy. To make the colors pop, use metallic blue or silver eyeshadow that creates a striking contrast with red lips. Then, apply a generous coat of mascara so that your lashes can match the drama on your lids.

Before you experiment with this sparkly makeup look, you must also pay equal attention to your base. Start with a medium to high coverage foundation, then spot-conceal any pigmentation. To give a smooth finish to your makeup, use loose powder all over your face and under your eyes for a blurring effect. Don’t forget some blush and highlighter for your cheeks. Cream products might be better for a seamless look.

If you are not used to dramatic party makeup, try out this look on your face a couple of times before the event. With practice, you can ace this sparkly and colorful makeup look.

Will you be flaunting this Taylor Swift-inspired makeup look this season? We bet it will add the right dose of glam to your face for Christmas and New Year celebrations!

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