Editorial Policy

Skin Formulations aims to make skincare and beauty related content easily accessible to women. Our blogs provide a large selection of issues so that we can satisfy our entire audience. But our most important goal is to give you useful knowledge which can help you in your daily existence. Ideally, you will select the articles that are most suitable for you.

The content we post is reviewed and edited by our expert skincare professionals; this information is not to be used instead of information that comes from a dermatologist. Our material is not intended to determine the source of a medical problem or provide aid.

Skin Formulations chooses and prints fresh writing using the following principles:

  • Accuracy: Our content is current, based on extensive research and fact-checked by skincare and beauty experts.
  • Readers first: Every piece of content is written and published with the reader in mind. We make sure to include all the details to provide complete information to our audience.
  • Significance: The content on our blog gives our audience the most current findings derived from leading beauty and skincare journals and industry blogs on the corner of the planet.
  • Contemporariness: We post articles regarding current information, such as dermatological problems, new cosmetics, skin health, and others. It’s very important to us to pinpoint skincare and beauty awareness months like the ones related to disease and skin health-related issues.

Guidelines for the Writing Team:

The editorial team is responsible for managing all of the content on our blog. We have a team of experienced and certified editors and writers who are specialists in their areas.

News and Guidelines for New Articles:

The writing team meets on a usual basis to talk about and organize the writing plan for our blog. They think about everything, including the most recent articles in key dermatological magazines, information from government dermatological departments, skin fashion movements on Instagram, and concerns that are important to our audience. A portion of the planning for the articles involves interviewing important figures in the dermatology field to receive detailed information and a knowledgeable point of view that is an integral part of our blog.

  • Just like with our usual process, every piece of writing is edited two times: initially, it’s looked at by a medical editor to make sure all the information is correct, including the numbers and scientific terms. Then it goes to a proofreader to be reviewed for proper English and to make sure it flows and is acceptable for posting.
  • Accredited Writing:

    Any licensed content from third parties is reviewed by our senior editors, regarding our policies. As with everything we publish, this content must be accurate, timely, relevant and without conflict of interest.

    Advertising and Sponsored Content Policy:

    At Skin Formulations, we have always clearly separated the editorial content and process from advertising. We have marked the advertising spaces such as banners and badges. Likewise, any content provided by an advertising sponsor is pointedly labeled as such and is physically separated from editorial content.

    We have marketing collaborators and financial partners who assist us in paying for the running of our blog. Nonetheless, be aware that we are very choosy with our ads. These are our regulations:

    • We always provide an indicated difference (boundary, line, etc.), to differentiate the articles from the advertisements.
    • The marketing displayed on Skin Formulations is distinctly indicated to be an ‘Endorsement, ‘Promotion’ or other similar labels, which will be obvious to the audience.
    • “Native’ ads and other promoted advertising are indicated as ‘Endorsement, ‘Promotion’ and the like.
    • The articles on our blog are not ever based on ads from our partners or affiliates.
    • Should you want to have an ad on our blog, ensure that you have reviewed our policies for sponsored ads and writing.

    If you want to advertise with us, we offer the following:

    • Native advertising
    • Badges
    • Content-based advertising
    • Third-party branding