3 Eye Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try This Holiday Season


Mistletoe and holly… is it time yet?! Nope, but the holiday season is definitely around the corner. True to tradition, almost every cosmetic brand we know has launched its holiday collection, but with so much makeup, what are we going to do with them?! #MaskUp and let your peepers do the talking instead.

1. Bold Eyes For Added Spice

The winter landscape is typically pale and gloomy. While we walk around with our coats and jackets, let’s all remember that we don’t have to blend in with the background. Bring out your boldest eyeshadow palette and rock a different kind of blend — reds, blues, and pinks. Metallic eyeshadows are also making a comeback.

2. Two-Toned Eyeliner For Definition (Duh!)

Some rules were made to be broken, and black eyeliner was one of them. Enter the two-toned eyeliner trend that gives your eyes a serious POP! Put your steady hands to the test and play around to find your favorite combination. We think a metallic orange over black eyeliner can play up the Fall season (as well as Halloween!).

3. Old Is Gold

We know we said “eye makeup” but we had to make an exception for this one: 90s-inspired lips (for when you remove your mask to reveal the masterpiece behind it). Remember Drew Barrymore’s iconic 90s grunge-look with thinned eyebrows and a dark lip? This vampy color is making a seasonal comeback, and we’re secretly hoping the choker will come along too!
The best part about holiday makeup collections is the fancy packaging that almost always accompanies every product. We’re keeping a lookout not only for new drops but upcoming brands to be launched in time for the holiday season! With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas lined up, we know what we’ll be treating ourselves to other than some good old turkey!

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