Become a contributor

At Skin Formulations we are trying to add to our writing team! We don’t require experience or knowledge of the health and wellness field for you to join us. We want people who are motivated and who have an interest in cosmetics and skin health. Our contributors should have a desire to help others improve their lives.

We want to provide the most current, up to the minute information. Although we focus on cosmetics and skin health, we often deliver content about these areas:

  • Acne & eye care
  • Wrinkles and anti-aging tips
  • Fast, simple & natural remedies for skin
  • Best beauty routines to help you achieve your healthiest-looking skin ever
  • Contemporary fashion in beauty & skincare

Everything you send us should be coherent, contemplative, and completely your own work.
This is how to begin:

1) Go over the instructions and get an idea of what it’s like to write for us. It’s really crucial that you read the information carefully, so don’t apply until you have done this.

2) After you review the information, decide if you still want to apply to work with us. If so, complete the employment form which will request this data:

  • Personal information
  • Areas of focus
  • Name of article
  • Examples of your work, so we can get an idea of the level of your writing.

Send in your application today. We’re looking forward to reading your articles!