Contributor Guidelines

Are you looking for a way to educate and inform others about how to achieve clear, glowing skin and have an overall healthier lifestyle? Skin Formulations is constantly in search of talented writers, new and established, who can share informative, educational, and engaging content with our readers!

Take a look around our website and if you think it would be a good fit for your writing, apply today to become one of our valued contributors.

What We’re Looking For

Skin Formulations features a variety of beauty, hair, and skincare-related articles, so we need a diverse team of contributors. While we welcome applications from beauty and skincare professionals, you certainly don’t need to work in the industry to apply – you just need to love writing about any of the following:

  • General beauty & skincare: simple, effective beauty and skincare tips, DIY treatments, how to achieve healthy skin at any age
  • Anti-aging advice: natural ways to reduce wrinkles, the latest anti-aging treatments, and how to prevent signs of aging from developing
  • Dark circles & puffy eyes: causes, treatments, and helpful lifestyle changes
  • Acne care: how to treat acne and blemishes, prevent breakouts, and establish effective skincare routines
  • Eye care: wrinkle prevention tips, beneficial skincare ingredients, natural treatments, and latest advances in anti-aging skincare technology

Article Submission Guidelines:


Your article must be 100% original and not published on any other site.

Word count

We recommend that your articles are between 750-1500 words

Style & Tone

Please read through one or two articles on Skin Formulations before you submit your content to get a feel for the tone of our site and how we like to engage with our readers.


Articles should be formatted using appropriate paragraphs, titles, and headings to make your content easy and pleasurable to read.

Spelling & grammar

Always check your finished article for typos or grammatical errors before submission.

Author Box Guidelines:

Author Bio

This should be around 100 to 150 words, briefly describing who you are, your background, and a little about your interest in beauty and skincare.

Social Media Links

If you would like readers to follow you on any of your social media platforms, please include all relevant links.


Please supply a recent headshot to accompany your articles.