Beauty Blogger Shipra Shares Her Experience with Eyebrow Stamping

Eyebrow stamping is the latest beauty trend to take the internet by storm. It is a one-and-done technique to get thicker, shapely brows. Therefore, it is ideal for those who find filling in and shaping their brows cumbersome. But does eyebrow stamp work, or is it more of a gimmick? Beauty blogger Shipra Taneja (@tanejasbride) is here to clear the air around this makeup technique.

Shipra is the founder of the blog What started as a blog to share some snippets from her life soon turned into a beauty blog thanks to Shipra’s love for colorful makeup. She is always game to try out new products and review them for her readers. The latest product to join her makeup stash is an eyebrow stamping kit. Here are her thoughts on this viral makeup product!

Shipra’s Thoughts on Eyebrow Stamping

An eyebrow stamping kit is a one-and-done tool to shape and fill your brows. It comes with stencils in different shapes that you can choose from as per your preference. It also contains a stamping tool to fill the stencil with the pomade and, of course, a brow pomade to fill in your brows.

The stamping kit that Shipra chose comes in a variety of colors, and she chose one of the darker shades. She then used the stencil of her choice and stamped the pomade inside the stencil. After just one round of application, Shipra’s brows looked fuller, and the shape came out well-defined. Shipra mentions would prefer a shade darker the next time and like to go over the brows with a gel, but this step is totally optional.

Overall, Shipra was quite impressed with the brow stamping kit as it is convenient and quick. She reminisces how she overplucked her brows in her teenage years due to the then-popular thin eyebrow trend. This made her brows lose their shape and thickness. Thanks to this eyebrow kit, Shipra can replicate fuller and thicker brows, and that too in less than a minute!

Over the years, Shipra has tried a variety of eyebrow products, such as pens, gels, and pencils. She finds this eyebrow stamping kit one of the more effortless options that define the eyebrows well.

So, if you are someone with thin, sparse, or oddly shaped brows, you may find an eyebrow stamping kit useful. Check out Shipra’s full blog post on to know more about the product!

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