Beauty Blogger Sabrina Shares Her Tips for The Summer Glow

Come summer, and we all crave a bronzed, sun-kissed look! The good thing is that even if you don’t have enough time to bask in the sun, you can achieve the summer glow with makeup! Beauty blogger Sabrina (@beautylookbook) has aced these makeup tricks and shared a simple summer makeup routine for radiant skin.

Sabrina started her blog “The Beauty Look Book” in 2009. She was pursuing her education in social media, product innovation, and business planning back then. Her studies aligned with the beauty industry, which gave birth to her blog. On her page, she talks about makeup, fragrance, hair, and skincare. With so many years of passionately exploring different beauty products, here are Sabrina’s top picks for a radiant summer glow.

Sabrina’’s Favourite Products for A Glowing Summer Look

1. Warm Bronzer

Warm Bronzer
After a light touch of a sheer foundation, Sabrina likes to warm up her skin with a bronzer. A warm-toned bronzer is a perfect way to mimic a sun-kissed glow. Sabrina prefers a cream bronzer which is easier to blend on the skin and gives a more natural finish than a powder bronzer.

2. Cream Highlighter

Cream Highlighter
After adding warmth to her complexion, Sabrina adds a sun-kissed flush to her cheeks with a cream highlighter. She prefers a champagne-peach shade with shimmer for this purpose. She gravitates towards cream or liquid highlighters and sometimes uses a blush with shimmer for this step.

3. One And Done Shimmer Eyeshadows

Shimmer Eyeshadows
Even though summer is all about glowing skin, you should not forget the eye makeup because it will complete your look! Sabrina recommends shimmer eyeshadow sticks in bronze or champagne shades for a quick eye look. Simply swipe the stick all over your lid and blend it out for an effortless look. If you are looking for something more long-wearing, you can also try liquid eyeshadows.

4. Neutral Lips

Neutral Lips
Be it matte or glossy, Sabrina loves neutral lip colors for her summer makeup look. You can go for a bullet lipstick in a “your lips but better” shade. Alternatively, use a neutral lip liner and add a gloss on top for subtle and juicy lips!

These summer makeup tips are simple and effortless yet promise a radiant and summer-appropriate look! You can wear this look all through summer because of how versatile it is. For more details about Sabrina’s go-to summer makeup routine, check out the full blog post on!

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