Beauty Blogger McKinzie Explains the Latest Nail Trend – Solar Nails

If you are a manicure lover, you must be aware of the different nail styles, ranging from acrylic to gel nails. But have you heard about the latest nail trend called Solar Nails? Beauty blogger of the week McKinzie ( is here to break it down for you!

McKinzie is the founder of the blog called Founded in 2008. Her blog features the latest trends in the realms of beauty, nails, hair, and lifestyle. McKinzie is passionate about nails and has a dedicated section about them on her blog. Here is what she has to say about Solar Nails.

McKinzie’s Breakdown of Solar Nails

1. What Are Solar Nails

McKinzie first explains what solar nails are and how they are different from acrylic nails. She says that solar nails are artificial nails that are durable and flexible. These nails are applied on top of natural nails and are often clear or pink in color for a healthy look. They last for many weeks and do not chip easily when compared to natural nails.

2. What Are the Pros of Solar Nails

McKinzie mentions that solar nails are a combination of acrylic and gel, which makes them more durable than standard artificial nails. Moreover, they are easier to remove than acrylic nails and only need to be dipped in acetone for removal. Additionally, you do not need to cure them with UV, and you can easily apply them at home. Hence, they can be a more convenient option than gel or acrylic nails.

3. What Are the Cons of Solar Nails

McKinzie also warns her readers about some disadvantages of solar nails. She says that these nails contain chemicals like methacrylate, which some people can be allergic to. Moreover, removal requires acetone, which can be dehydrating.

Also, since solar nails are applied on top of natural nails, they can be heavy and thick and may cause discomfort to new users. Lastly, after a couple of weeks, your natural nails will grow and cause a visible bump below your solar nails.

To conclude, McKinzie says that both acrylic nails and solar nails are good options depending on your preference. However, if you want more natural-looking nails that are easy to apply at home, Solar Nails will be perfect for you.

Solar nails do seem like an exciting nail trend to hop on! To know more about them, check out the full blog post on

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