Everything You Should Know Before You Get Your Nails Done


The popularity of professional manicures in nail salons has rocketed within the last 5 years.

Before nails became big business, a professional manicure may have been offered as a present or maybe a treat to yourself once or twice a year.

Maybe even on a special occasion you would have your nails done professionally to make a whole outfit or occasion “complete.”

Having your nails professionally done right now is incredibly accessible and affordable for most people. There is so much choice when it comes to nails. There are thousands of nail salons available on the high street and in shopping centers, as well as those salons that operate from home or in spa settings and beauticians.

The choice available when having your nails done means so much more than it did a decade ago too!

Previously, having a manicure meant having your nails filed, shaped, and polished to a high standard with some beautiful products. However, as time, technology and techniques have developed worldwide, having your nails done means everything from a simple gel polish and hand massage to full-on nail extensions with the most intricate designs! Having your nails done now is genuinely indicative of how techniques have moved on from a simple manicure!

So, when there is so much choice and availability, what do you choose?

Although there are no hard and fast rules to follow with nails, there are some elements you should keep in the front of your mind when asking your nail technician for your next set of beautiful nails!

Nail Shapes

Nail Shapes
There are so many shapes of nails that are available today! While some will follow trends and fashions, others will be classic and timeless shapes. The ones you go for will be highly dependent on your daily life, budget, and career.

Some of the most popular nail shapes in 2021 are:

  • Square – Square nails are indicative of sophistication. While they can be suited to all lengths of nails, the square shape can also work towards strengthening weak and brittle nails.
  • Oval – The classic oval nail shape is as timeless as the French manicure, and the two often go together. Oval-shaped nails are favored by the older generation and ooze class and confidence.
  • Coffin – This nail shape is not as deadly as it sounds! Coffin-shaped nails are on-trend for 2021, and they are favored by people who have acrylic and artificial nails applied. With tapered edges leading to a squared-off tip, they depict the shape of a coffin.
  • Stiletto – Stiletto nails, or ballerina nails as they can be referred to, can be gorgeous but are not the most practical nail shape to have! While the designs accompanying the tapered stiletto nail shape can vary from subtle to dramatic, the stiletto nail shape often lends itself to the fashionista and influencers, who need to be seen to have the best of everything, including nail trends!
  • Round – Potentially the most universal nail shape that anyone can achieve at home or in a nail salon, the round shape is exactly as it sounds, round! They are the most practical nail shape and suited to short nails that don’t require day-to-day maintenance.

Nail Colors

Nail Colors
As you can imagine, nail colors are incredibly varied!

Not only can you get some stunning and bespoke colors, but you can also get some incredible finishes for the nails, such as:

  • Matte
  • Glitter
  • Shimmer
  • Watercolor
  • Colour Washes
  • 3D

And while there are so many different colors and finishes available for your new set of nails, there are some colors and finishes that defy all rules, and anything goes, and some that can suit certain skin tones better than others!

  • Neon Colors/Brights – Work best with tanned and olive skin tones
  • Nudes/Muted Colors – Work best with paler skin tones or classic occasions, such as weddings
  • Dark Colors – Are amazing for giving the illusion of slimmer fingers & toes and can work on most skin tones
  • Shimmers – Shimmers are great if you don’t like the idea of full-on glitter and can be perfect for beach days and garden parties
  • Glitter – A glitter finish is bold and bolshy but ultimately gives an excellent blingy finish for those special occasions, such as landmark birthday parties and Christmas and new year

There is so much choice with colors, and a lot of what you may choose may be down to personal preference or a set of nails you have seen for inspiration, for example.

But there is more!

Nail Art

Nail Art
Nail art is such a skill, and your nail technician will let you know what they can provide in the way of nail art, as it can be a niche for nails!

Nail art can be incredibly technical. Not every salon will offer it as an option, as it can sometimes take hours to execute by hand on each nail!

This art can be traced back in its origins to almost 5000 years ago from the Incas, Romans, and ancient Egyptians who often decorated their nails as a sign of riches or indeed war – using things such as gold and silver embellishments for the rich and ink and blood from sacrificed animals as a sign of war and battle.

Thankfully, things have moved on dramatically from those times, and there will be something your nail technician can do to suit you, no matter what your nail vision is or your age!

Nail art is now a standard part of having your nails done. While a complete set of nail art-inspired nails can look great on Instagram, most people opt for 1 or 2 nails to be embellished with jewels, decorated by hand, or have classic transfers put on them to make the set of nails unique and indeed something special!


Having your nails done professionally has become a commonplace practice as part of a beauty routine, as much as going to the hair salon has!

There are so many different styles, finishes, and types of manicures and art you can have. Still, ultimately, the choice will be yours and maybe incredibly personal or even fit a particular occasion theme.

Nails can be so unique in their style and design but can also be classic and timeless in their appearance. It is highly unlikely that one set of nails will be precisely the same as another, as they are all done by hand by professionals in salons, which makes the uber special too.

Whatever style, design, or finish you love for your nails, make sure you always head to a reputable salon with a significant variation of choices available and an excellent hygiene and practice rating. If you are worried about the professional qualifications of your next nail technician, just ask them to show you their portfolio and certifications. They will be more than happy to share what they have achieved and can achieve for you and your nails!

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