Jesica Williams Shares Her Clean Beauty Travel Must-Haves!

With the world opening up slowly, travel might be on your agenda. But do you pay attention to the beauty products you pack when jet-setting across the globe? According to beauty blogger Jesica Williams (@feelmoregooder), people tend to pay closer attention to fitness and nutrition but often forget to read the labels on their skincare essentials. She is trying to address this through her blog that aptly goes by the name FeelMoreGooder!

Being an athlete herself, Jesica had always been interested in health and fitness. In the course of her journey, she discovered that several beauty products contain toxic ingredients that can be damaging to our health. She now shares all her clean and organic beauty finds on her blogs so that her readers can make a conscious choice when it comes to self-care products.

Jesica’s Travel Bag Essentials – Nontoxic Beauty at Its Best!

Just like her everyday skincare essentials, Jesica’s travel must-haves are all nontoxic. Here are some clean self-care essentials that accompany her on her escapades.

1. All-Natural Deodorant

Instead of aerosol cans that are bad for the environment, Jesica prefers roll-on deodorants to stay fresh during her travels. Her favorite is a roll-on deodorant that contains blue tansy extracts. Blue tansy helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. It is the perfect ingredient for itchy or irritated armpits. The roll-on packaging also makes the deodorant handy and easy to use!

2. Facial Soap Bar

Facial Soap Bar
Facial soap bars are making a comeback, and Jesica approves of the trend. Soap bars that come wrapped in paper are way more sustainable than liquid cleansers in plastic packaging. Jesica’s favorite soap for the face contains clay to detoxify her skin. This is a perfect travel pick because our skin begins to act up while traveling and needs deep cleaning at the end of the day.

3. Face And Body Oils

Face and body oils do not require strong preservatives, unlike creams and lotions. Plus, if they come in a roll-on or pump packaging, and they are travel-friendly too. Jesica loves a calming facial oil with sustainably harvested ingredients. For her body, she prefers oils over lotions. She recommends applying the oil on wet skin for quicker application and absorption.

4. Nontoxic Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a travel must-have to keep the hair non-greasy in between washes. However, Jesica has realized that most dry shampoos contain Aluminum, which can cause hair fall. She prefers an all-natural dry shampoo with ingredients such as clay and arrowroot powder. She claims that this dry shampoo gives a beautiful lift to her roots, and we are here for it!

This was just a glimpse of the clean beauty products you would find in Jesica’s travel kit. To know about all the products she loves while traveling, check out her full blog post on her official page.

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