Doja Cat’s Iconic Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most awaited fashion events of the year. Moreover, it also unveils the latest beauty trends of the season on the ramp. As beautiful as every model walking the ramp looked this Paris Fashion Week, someone in the front row grabbed equal attention of the shutterbugs. This person is none other than Doja Cat, who is famous for her bold and iconic beauty statements. Here are some of the most legendary looks that Doja sported at Paris Fashion Week!

Face And Body Paint

Face and body paint

Image Credit: W magazine & POPSUGAR

Doja Cat covered herself with face and body paint for more than one show at Paris Fashion Week. For one of her looks, she wore blue face paint to create an extraterrestrial look. For the other, she dipped her whole face and body in gold paint while wearing a gorgeous suit. While this may not be a wearable style for everyone, you can play around with some face or body paint for a special event where you want to look extra.

Artistic Eye Makeup

Artistic Eye Makeup

Image Credit: Grazia

Doja’s experimental looks continued with artistic eye makeup that she sported for various shows. In one such iconic look, she flaunted statement eyebrows studded with pearls. At another, she wore a bold graphic eyeliner with a slanted design. Doja had shaved her eyebrows before the event, which gave her makeup artists more room to play around with her eye makeup.

Statement Lips

Statement Lips

Image Credit: W magazine

One cannot be as artistic as Doja and not experiment with statement lips! True to her nature, Doja sported a duo-chrome black and glossy lip with her pearl eyebrows. In another look, she added red, blue, and white stripes from her lips to her chin. Perhaps the most wearable of her lip makeup was a dark brown lip liner filled in with just gloss. This is a trending lip makeup style that you can try even if you are not into very bold makeup.

Wigs And Accessories

Wigs And Accessories

Image Credit: Just Jared

To ramp up her makeup, Doja paired it with cool wigs and accessories like bold sunglasses. Every outfit that she wore was different yet true to her extravagant spirit. What brought each look together was the fact that the clothes, accessories, and makeup all adhered to a beautifully chalked-out theme. The joint effort of her whole team made each look the talk of the town!

Which one of these statement looks by Doja Cat did you like the most? Would you be willing to sport such adventurous looks to make heads turn at your next appearance?

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