Everything You Need To Know About Brad Pitt’s New Skincare Brand

We can all agree that Brad Pitt ages like fine wine, but did you know that he also owns a vineyard and has created a new skincare range that captures the therapeutic benefits of grapes? Yes, expanding his business to new avenues, Pitt is now the proud owner of a gender-neutral skincare range that has years of scientific research and the goodness of grapes at its core.

How It Started

Brad Pitt says that he happened to buy a property that had a beautiful winery attached to it. This opened his mind to creative ways to use grapes. Over the years, the idea of using grapes in skincare products came up. It initiated extensive research to figure out the best grape species to use in the products.

Pitt partnered with experts who identified the best ingredients to extract from the grapes to provide maximum benefits to the skin. While he is not a brand ambassador for the brand on the marketing front, Pitt was involved in the entire ideation process. For someone who didn’t have a proper skincare routine in his early years, this journey has been a discovery for him as well.

The Key USPs Of Brad Pitt’s Skincare Brand

According to Pitt, he would never have launched his skincare range if it wasn’t unique from what is already available on the market. Moreover, he tested the products on his skin and noticed a visible difference that convinced him about the formulations.

At the heart of his skincare range are the antioxidant benefits of specific species of grapes that prevent collagen breakdown in the skin. Another star of the formulation is a patented active extracted from grape resveratrol that boosts skin cell health. The brand further claims that the well-curated soil at the vineyard, surrounded by olive groves, adds to the quality of the grapes, further enhancing their benefits. Thus, this brand offers something creative and different from other skincare lines.

The Product Line

Brad Pitt’s skincare line is a genderless one suitable for both skincare and vitamins. Currently, the range comprises a facial serum, cleansing emulsion, and moisturizing cream. They also plan to launch a fluid cream soon. Moreover, the brand also offers refills for the products.

No matter your gender, if you have been in awe of Brad Pitt’s skin, this new skincare range is for you! Moreover, it promises good skin health and anti-aging benefits. What more can you ask for from your favorite celebrity’s beauty brand?

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