10 Ways To Stick To Your Morning Skincare Routine

You may be a busy person with a hectic lifestyle, however, no matter how rushed things get, you should always find time to follow your morning skincare routine. This is true no matter what skin type you have and whether you have skin issues or not.

It’s essential to cleanse and tone your skin to remove dirt and impurities that could block the pores and lead to acne or blackheads. You also have to make sure to protect your complexion from environmental agents like UV rays and pollution.

If you do find yourself with little time in the morning, make your routine quick and efficient. The key steps are to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and apply sunblock. In addition, exfoliate several times a week and consider using an anti-aging serum. Although this seems like a lot, there are ways to speed things up and make it easier to follow your skincare ritual each morning without fail.

1. Make Sure Your Products Are Organized And Easily Accessible

The last thing you want is to lose extra time in the morning looking around for the products you need for your routine. That’s why you should have everything you need to be organized in such a way that you can find them quickly and easily. You can make sure this is done while carrying out your nighttime skincare, so you’re set for an efficient morning.

2. Stick Inspirational Pictures To Your Mirror

One way to motivate yourself to follow your routine is to stick pictures of people you know or celebrities who have fantastic skin. You may want to include some influencers on Instagram who demonstrate skincare. Even a younger photo of yourself with fresher, healthier skin could get you in gear to follow your routine diligently.

3. Getting Up 10 Minutes Earlier For Extra Time

If you feel too rushed to do your complete skincare routine in the morning, buy yourself some time and get up a little earlier. This will allow you to apply your products in a more relaxed manner, knowing you’re not going to be late. We know it’s not easy to get up earlier, but it will be more than worth it in the long run for the benefits to your skin.

4. Have Your Coffee Or Tea During Your Routine

Coffee Or Tea
To save even more time, bring your morning beverage into the bathroom and drink it while you’re doing your skincare. This will not only make the task more enjoyable; it will save you the time you would normally take to sit and drink.

5. Listen To Motivational Podcasts Or Videos During Your Routine

You can listen to podcasts or videos about skincare while applying your products, as motivation and to provide you with extra information. However, you may also consider listening to professional material you need to know for your career, thus saving you time later in the day. As this involves critical thinking, it could also help wake you up and make you more alert for the day ahead.

6. Stop Over Cleansing And Stripping The Oils From Your Skin

If you’re in a hurry, it is possible to skip the cleansing stage, splash some water on your face, and move directly into toning to remove oils and dirt from the pores. The truth is, over-cleansing is not good for the skin, and it can strip the enriching oils that you need for the health of your complexion. If you’ve cleansed at night, you can occasionally leave out this morning step.

7. Use Products You Love – Even If It Takes A Little More Time

There’s nothing more motivating than using products that you enjoy applying. Even if it doesn’t necessarily save you time in the morning, it should encourage you to follow your skincare routine every time. In addition, chances are these are your favorite brands because they work so effectively on your skin. The great results will certainly inspire you to keep following your regimen rigorously every day.

8. Exfoliate In The Shower With A Damp Washcloth

Exfoliate In The Shower
It’s always a great time-saver when you can combine different morning steps. That’s why instead of exfoliating with a product, you can consider sometimes using a washcloth while you’re taking a shower. The surface texture of the cloth is a natural exfoliant.

This method is said to be ideal for sensitive skin. Just wet the cloth with hot water, wring it out, and then apply pressure to different areas of your face. Then rinse off your skin and pat dry with a towel. Of course, you should also use a high-quality exfoliant serum some of the time as well, keeping the washcloth method as a time-saver on busy mornings.

9. Choose Multi-Tasking Products

One of the best ways to save time is to purchase skincare products that offer multiple benefits. For example, a moisturizer with sunblock saves you a step in the morning. Many anti-aging brands offer several benefits, for example, a niacinamide serum will address aging, enlarge pores, and brighten skin tone. Hyaluronic serums hydrate and plump the skin and remove wrinkles and lines.

10. Learn How To Layer Products Correctly To Maximize Benefits

It’s very important to apply skincare in the correct layering, or some of the benefits may be lost. Generally, you want to layer from the lightest to the heaviest products. The recommended order for the morning skincare routine begins with cleansing, then toning, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunblock. The sun care product is always last, and the only thing that should go on top of it is concealer, foundation, or powder.


If you want to keep your skin in the best of health, you must have a strong morning skincare routine with high-quality products. Many people find it difficult to keep up this process every day, as time tends to run short. However, it’s worth your while to look for ways to ensure that you follow a skincare regimen strictly on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve suggested several tips to both motivate you and save you time in the morning. We recommend highly that you use some of these suggestions, as they will be hugely beneficial to your complexion. There is evidence showing the long-term benefits of having a daily skincare routine on the complexion [1].

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