Body Care Routine for Glowing Skin by Beauty Blogger Teri Cosenzi

We all pay immense attention to our facial skin but often neglect the rest of our bodies. This makes us pay in the hot weather when we wish to flaunt our skin and don’t see it radiant enough. Even if you have been ignoring body care, achieving golden and glowing skin is not that hard. Beauty blogger of the week Teri Cosenzi (@beautifulmakeupsearch) agrees and has shared a simple 3-step body care routine that can give you radiant and smooth skin!

Teri started her blog Beautiful Makeup Search in 2001 after a bad experience at a beauty counter. The idea was to share honest product reviews and incredible beauty finds with the world. Over 2 decades, the blog has grown leaps and bounds and garnered a massive global audience. As of now, Teri is running a summer series on her blog to help us all look flawless in the warm weather. So, here is Teri’s body care routine for silky smooth skin.

Teri’s 3-Step Bath Time Routine for Radiant Skin

1. Exfoliating Body Wash

An exfoliating body wash is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to self-care. It can help you get rid of dead skin, dullness, and ingrown hair in one shot. Teri likes a body wash with glycolic acid as it is a gentle exfoliant. She also looks for hydrating ingredients like aloe in her body cleansers as they soften and moisturize the skin.

2. Chemical Peel

If you are dealing with bumpy skin texture on your body, then a chemical peel is what you need. Teri recommends a chemical peel with AHAs like Glycolic and Lactic Acid. Use this peel after a good wash to get super smooth skin. The peel will unclog your pores and remove any dead skin or congestion to offer silky skin.

3. Body Lotion

Body Lotion
Moisturizing is a must after exfoliation, which is why you need an excellent body lotion. Teri’s favorite is a lotion that contains grapeseed oil and aloe. Grapeseed oil has a consistency that is similar to the skin’s natural oils. It offers protection and moisture without making the skin sticky or greasy. Aloe supplies environmental moisture to the skin, making it soft and supple. This body lotion leaves the skin glowing and youthful!

This quick and easy body care routine can help you get summer-ready within minutes. To know more about Teri’s skincare secrets, check out the full blog post on

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