Tech-Driven Trends For Beauty You Shouldn’t Miss

Our WFH situation isn’t the only thing getting a digital facelift in 2020. The beauty industry has irrevocably altered its course (and for the better!), moving towards tech-driven products made exclusively for the needs of consumers’ various skin types and conditions. The profit factor still exists for the most part, but perhaps for the first time, we can pick up a tube or a bottle, trusting that it truly has been “made for you.”

Shifting From “What” To “Why”

Enter biotech ingredients — the new buzz word for all things, beauty. It’s no longer enough to know what a product will do for you, but why exactly it will work. Several skincare brands pride themselves on research-based formulations, which contain active ingredients that, spoiler alert, actually work.

Squalane, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide- you’ve heard them all. Laboratory-produced formulas ensure that the right amount of everything is included, and rigorous safety standards are upheld to maintain the highest product quality. Tech truly is the way forward for beauty.

Going Skin Deep

Many companies are fully embracing technologically enabled tools that pretty much do for you what you never knew you needed. From smart makeup to a digital dermatologist, we’re covering them all here!

Custom Foundation Machine

Ever bought a foundation shade that turned out to be the wrong shade? Think about how you can finally enjoy the perfect coverage with digital devices that measure your exact skin tone to create a custom foundation blend. With over 72,000 possibilities, you’re going to find the perfect one.

Smart Beauty HiMirror

Save yourself a trip to the dermatologist with a HiMirror. Equipped with smart technology to analyze your skin, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to fight dark spots and target fine lines. Tracking capabilities also show you how each of your skincare products is nourishing your skin!

Skin Corrector Wand

Launched in 2020, you can literally wave the magic wand over your face to make skin problems disappear. A built-in micro camera quickly analyzes your face for the precision printer to cover and treat identified blemishes and other imperfections with a pigmented serum. The result? Flawless skin without wasting any more product!

These trends are really just the beginning of a revolution.

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