Checkout Soothing Self-Care Rituals by Beauty Blogger Fee

Amidst the hustle of life, you must take out a few cozy minutes for self-care! A pamper session at home can uplift your spirits and wash the stress of the day away. It will make your skin glow from within!

If you are looking for some self-care inspiration, take a leaf from beauty blogger Fee’s (@feefeesavvy) self-care rituals. She is here to decode everything she does to pamper her face and body during her self-care routine.

Fee is a beauty blogger with a passion for affordable yet effective products. She shares her reviews of these products on her blog titled Makeup Savvy because she wants her readers to be savvy about beauty. She also encourages her readers to value themselves and indulge in some much-needed self-care. Here are some soothing self-care rituals that Fee recommends.

Fee’s Indulgent Self-Care Routine

1. Skincare

Fee’s self-care routine starts with facial skincare. She likes to cleanse her skin with a beautifully scented cleansing balm in the evening. Later at night, she applies a luxurious face oil to moisturize her skin. When she is in the mood for some extra pampering, Fee uses an exfoliating face mask to deep clean her skin. She is big on textures and fragrances and chooses calming and soothing ones for her rituals.

2. Bath time

Long shower or bath
When it comes to relaxing rituals, it is hard to beat a long shower or bath, and Fee concurs. She loves to create a spa-like experience in her bathroom to calm her senses. Her favorite bath product is a scented salt scrub that leaves her skin glossy and smooth. She also loves a detoxifying scalp mask to remove the grime from her scalp. After her bath, Fee loves to slather her skin with a rich cream to feel moisturized from head to toe.

3. Wellness

Apart from skincare, Fee also believes in keeping her skin and mind healthy from within. To achieve this, she likes to consume health supplements and get 8 hours of sleep daily. Moreover, to elevate the ambiance of her home, Fee uses a fragrance diffuser that makes her rooms smell fantastic. Plus, it also improves the humidity of her space.

If you haven’t been paying attention to yourself lately, this is the cue to make self-care a priority. With these indulgent self-care rituals, you can perk up your mood and feel totally relaxed! For more self-care tips, check out the full blog post on Fee’s blog, Happy self-care to you!

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