Breaking Down Meghan Markle’s Purple Eye Look That Made Heads Turn!

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, recently made a red-carpet appearance at an event in New York City with her husband, Prince Harry. The former actress and member of the British Royal Family made all heads turn with her colorful look that included a stunning red dress and purple winged eyeliner.

It is no denying that Meghan is a style and beauty icon for millions of women around the globe. This unique and vibrant look soon turned into an iconic style statement. Here is how you can take cues from Meghan’s makeup for the next event on your social calendar.

The Secret Behind Meghan’s Purple Eyeliner

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Meghan’s makeup artist Daniel Martin has revealed that he was craving to use some color on her eyes. He says that the purple truly brought out the brightness of Meghan’s eyes while forming an interesting combination with the red dress. For the eyeliner, Martin used a purple eyeshadow with a thin brush to create the precise wings. Then, he added oodles of mascara to the lashes along with some falsies to add drama to the eye makeup.

Meghan rarely ever flaunts such colorful looks, but the purple truly made her outfit pop. So, even if you shy away from colors otherwise, this purple liner look is something you should experiment with.

5 Tricks From Meghan’s Red Carpet Look That Everyone Can Try

Apart from breaking down Meghan’s eye makeup, her MUA also disclosed the products and ideas that went behind the whole look. Here are some key pointers shared by Martin that can help all of us while getting ready.

  • A pulled-back hair with winged eyeliner lifts the face and makes it look more youthful.
  • Instead of using a foundation all over the face, spot correct your blemishes for a more natural look.
  • Mix a cream base with a powder highlighter for an all-over dewy effect on the skin.
  • When opting for bold eye makeup, keep the lips simple with a muted pink color.
  • Complement a winged eyeliner with sharply arched eyebrows to bring more attention to the eyes.

Lastly, the one piece of beauty advice that you must take from Meghan is that your smile is your best accessory! No matter how great your makeup and outfit are, a stunning smile truly takes it to the next level.

So, have you tried a colorful eyeliner look yet? If not, take a leaf from Meghan’s book and flaunt it at the upcoming Christmas parties!

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