3 Tried-And-Tested “Maskne” Solutions

Many of us experienced a particular liberation during the lockdown: healthier-looking skin from an overall improved complexion. How? The simple reduction of makeup from our daily routine. However, as some happiness can be short-lived, our post-lockdown face-game has also presented a different story — beauty’s new buzz word, “maskne” (acne as a result of prolonged mask-wearing).

We bring you three tried-and-tested methods to help you start removing your mask confidently outdoors.

1. Mask In The Sun

That is right, you heard us! If you prefer re-wearing the same mask for more than a day, we recommend leaving it (internal fabric facing up) in the sun on a clean surface when not in use. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and is a powerful way of killing bacteria build-up on your mask, which happens as a result of the fabric absorbing your facial oils, sweat, and other moisture. The perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria!

P.S. You’ll still have to wash your mask later on! This is just a temporary solution if you don’t wish to change your mask every day.

2. Mineral-Based Foundation

How many of your masks have already been stained with foundation and blush? Keeping a mask over your skin for prolonged periods can make the surface of your skin warmer, which tends to ‘melt’ any liquid foundation you’re wearing. A mineral-based powder alternative is great for absorbing excess oil while still providing a decent level of coverage.

Pro-tip: Consider weaning off heavy makeup if you can! It will always be a better option for our skin.

3. Increase Your Mask Supply

It’s something we’d also sat on for a while but increasing our mask count from 2 to 4 made all the difference. Like underwear, a reusable (we’d like to assume that our readers try to be environmentally-friendly!) mask should be changed daily, but if not, we had found that complementing our increased mask supply with a thoughtful wash cycle helped. At least washing 2 masks twice a week so that we would never have to wear the same fabric for more than 2 days.

Got even better tips? Write to us!

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