Lipscanner App: How It Helps You Find Perfect Lipstick

Finding the exact lipstick shade from someone else’s lips is a difficult task if you don’t have any idea of the precise product they used. It’s a good thing there’s a new app LipScanner, which uses the latest AI technology to help you find your perfect lipstick match.

From an Instagram model selfie to a piece of fruit, this in-house app can scan any image with your chosen color. Then, it will match it up with over 400 lip products from a certain catalog. With this, you can find the exact lipstick shade to match your outfit or Bella Hadid’s red carpet lippie.

The products in the app are categorized into five color families: natural, pink, orange, red, and plum. It also has the option to be classified by texture like shine, satin, metallic, matte, or gloss.

This beauty innovation by is free for IOS devices via Apple’s App Store.

How to Use the LipScanner app?

After downloading the app, you can upload a photo of your selected lip look. It can be from a celebrity or a friend over Zoom. Upon upload, the app will identify the face from the image and isolate the lips. The AI will examine the color and texture of the lip product on the photo, then match you with a perfect lippie.

On the other hand, if you want to match your lip color with a certain outfit or accessory, you can scan the color you want. The LipScanner will search for the nearest shade in two to three finishes (satin, matte, glossy).

The app’s features don’t stop there. After you have identified the lipstick color you’re looking for, you can virtually try it on with LipScanner’s ‘Virtual Try On’ feature. It will show you if your lipstick match looks good on you.

Additionally, this technology will also take your age, lip shape, and skin tone into consideration when bringing in recommendations!

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