Beauty Blogger Kathleen Jennings Shares Her Cream Blush Tricks!

Cream blush is the latest makeup trend that gives a natural flush to the cheeks. However, you need to master the art of applying cream blush, or you can end up with a makeup disaster! Beauty blogger Kathleen Jennings (@kathleenjenningsbeauty) has mastered this art with practice and is here to share her cream blush application tricks with you!

Kathleen is a beauty enthusiast who loves to share her honest opinions about skincare and makeup on her blog She also talks about makeup hacks that simplify the process of applying makeup for beginners and busy women. Cream blushes are one of Kathleen’s favorite makeup products, and here is how she applies them for a flawless flush.

Kathleen’s Tips For Flawless Cream Blush Application

1. Use A Stippling Brush

Kathleen admits that while she loves cream blushes, if she applies the stick directly on her face, it moves her foundation around, revealing skin texture and pigmentation. She has noticed the same issue when blending a cream blush with her fingers or a beauty sponge. To avoid this, she recommends using a stiff foundation brush. She suggests swiping the brush across the product and gently stippling the blush on the face. Unlike a dragging motion, this stippling technique works well on top of base makeup and gives a perfectly blended flush to the cheeks.

2. Dust A Powder On Top

Cream blushes offer a natural pigment to the cheeks for everyday looks. To make them last longer, she recommends lightly patting a setting powder on top with a fluffy brush. You can use a finely milled translucent powder for this step. A translucent powder will not affect the shade of the blush while locking it on the skin for longer.

3. Seal Everything With A Setting Spray

As the last step of her cream blush routine, Kathleen likes to spritz a setting spray all over her face. A setting spray helps blend the powder into the cream products for a seamless finish. It can also impart a natural dew to the skin and remove any harsh lines from unblended makeup. Plus, it will make your cream blush last all day long! It is the perfect finishing touch for your daily makeup look.

We hope that Kathleen’s cream blush application tricks help you ace the flushed cheeks look! To know more about Kathleen’s makeup routine, check out her full blog post on

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