Kaley Cuoco Is Back With Glam In The Flight Attendant Season 2!

The popular series “The Flight Attendant” is back with its second season, and all eyes are on the glamorous lead character, played by Kaley Cuoco. Kaley plays the role of Cassie Bowden, a flight attendant who often finds herself in the middle of some drama. In season 1, Kaley sported layered hair with choppy bangs and a signature eyeliner. In the new season, she has a more subtle and California-appropriate look. Here is how Kaley transforms into Cassie Bowden with some clever skincare and makeup tricks.

Beauty Tips From The Sets Of Kaley Cuoco’s The Flight Attendant

1. Prepping The Skin Is Essential

Prepping her skin
Since Kaley would have to sport multiple looks each day, prepping her skin and keeping it hydrated was essential. So, sunscreen, squalane facial oil, and moisturizer were crucial parts of Kaley’s shoot day routine. Her makeup artist would then apply a primer on Kaley’s face so that makeup would layer seamlessly on top and last well. We can all use these tips for our daily makeup to blend beautifully and last all day.

2. Monochromatic Makeup Works Like A Charm

This season, Kaley’s character is more understated than in the first season. Her makeup had to reflect that as well. So, her makeup artist decided to stick with monochromatic looks. This means that her eyes, lips, and cheeks matched. An effortless way to create this monochromatic look is to use the same cream product as lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. A pink or mauve lipstick is ideal for this makeup trick.

3. Gentle Makeup Removers For Quick Changes

Gentle Makeup Removers
When Kaley would need quick makeup changes, her makeup artist would use a gentle micellar water for removal. This cleansing water works great for eye makeup without aggravating the sensitive skin. For the rest of the face, a moisturizing makeup wipe is the MUA’s pick. While wipes are not the gentlest way to remove makeup, they are ideal for quick changes, especially if they come with nourishing ingredients.

4. Blend Out The Wing For A Softer Eyeliner

Instead of a sharp wing, Kaley sports a softer, blended-out liner this season. It is perfect for daily wear and doesn’t look too dramatic. Kaley’s makeup artist would use a smoky eyeliner pencil for this purpose. She then blends it with an eyeliner brush for a subtle effect.

These makeup tips from The Flight Attendant Season 2 work wonders if you prefer a subtle glam look. After all, Kaley Cuoco’s onscreen persona is a living proof that these makeup hacks actually work!

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