Beauty Blogger Justina Shares Her Favorite Makeup Products

Dewy, minimal makeup with a hint of color is trending this season. However, some of you may know that a fresh and natural makeup look is often the hardest to create. What you need for the dewy skin, flushed cheeks, and shimmery lids are the perfect makeup products. So, beauty blogger Justina (@justinasgems) is here to help you pick the right products for a natural, pretty look.

Justina has been blogging for 8 years on her blog titled “Justina’s Gems.” As the name suggests, her blog is a curation of all the beauty products that she loves. Justina confesses that she adores all things girly and has a soft corner for high-end makeup. She has also been enjoying a glass-skin look with minimal makeup of late. Here are the products that she swears by for her pretty and naturally flushed look!

Justina’s Top Makeup Products For A Minimal Pretty Look

1. Serum Foundation

Justina loves a serum foundation because it offers a natural skinlike finish with sheer coverage. It is, therefore, perfect for a minimal makeup look where you want a bit of dewiness on the face. Plus, it is non-cakey and easy to use, which is always a bonus!

2. Curling Mascara

A curling mascara truly elevates any minimal makeup look by opening up the eyes. Justina loves one that makes her lashes dramatic and fluttery to amp up her basic look. She simply cannot skip her mascara when putting on makeup!

3. Eyeshadow Stick

An eyeshadow stick is a multi-tasking product that is so easy to use. Justina prefers an eyeshadow stick in a shimmery rose gold shade. She applies it all over her lids as a one-and-done eyeshadow. Moreover, she also uses it as an eyeliner on her lower lashline.

4. A Blush Palette

Blush Palette

You always need to have some blush handy if you are aiming for a natural, flushed look. Justina’s favorite is a blush palette with different shades of peach and pink. She uses each shade on its own and also mixes them occasionally.

5. Lip Liner

A creamy lip liner is a multi-purpose product as you can either line your lips with it or even use it as lipstick all over your lips! Justina loves vibrant shades of lip liners for her pout as they instantly brighten up a simple look.

Justina’s top makeup picks could help you select the right products for an everyday look. To know more about her favorite makeup, check out Justina’s full blog post on

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