Check Out Beauty Blogger Ivy Boyd’s Favorite Concealer Hacks

Concealer is a make-or-break element of makeup. When done right, it can hide your blemishes and dark circles to make your skin look flawless. But if concealer goes wrong, it can make your makeup look ashy or cakey. Beauty blogger Ivy Boyd (@ivysavanah) understands how some people struggle with concealers. So, she has shared her top tips for flawless concealing!

Ivy is a professional makeup artist who has also won various accolades in the field of beauty blogging. She has an undying passion for makeup, and she named her blog “WakeupForMakeup.” Ivy quit advertising to pursue this passion and now shares her love for makeup with her blog readers, too.

Ivy’s Tips to Conceal Like a Pro

1. Don’t Use Too Much Product

Ivy says that a common concealer mistake is that we often use too much product. This is what causes creasing and cakiness. She recommends using a few dots of concealer, to begin with. If you have already applied too much, you can pick up the excess product with a damp sponge to reduce cakiness.

2. Pick the Right Concealer Shade

According to Ivy, a concealer that is too light for your skin tone can exaggerate your texture and wrinkles, instead of hiding them. Similarly, a concealer that is too dark can look muddy. She suggests picking a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This shade will be perfect to conceal imperfections without looking unnatural.

3. Pick the Right Formula for Your Skin Type


Another common concealer mistake is that we do not pick up the right formula for our skin type. Ivy says that we must understand our skin’s needs first and then choose a concealer accordingly. For example, dry skin needs a dewy concealer and not a matte one. If you do not have heavily blemished skin, you do not need a full coverage concealer, and you should choose a natural finish.

4. Use a Color Corrector First

If your concealer looks ashy on your skin or does not brighten your skin as much as you would like, you need to color correct first. Color correctors neutralize any pigmentation on your skin tone so that a concealer matching your skin tone can work perfectly. Use an orange color corrector for dark circles and a green color correct for redness. Then apply your concealer on top to even out your skin tone.

If you are struggling with flawless concealing, perhaps these tips will help you achieve the perfect look. For more tricks on using a concealer correctly, check out Ivy’s full blog post on

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