Celebrities Embracing Gorgeous Grey Hair on the Cannes Red Carpet

Dreading and quickly covering up grey hair is something that beauty standards have always taught us to do. However, things are taking a turn for the better, with celebrities flaunting their grey hair at the Cannes Film Festival!

Nobody can deny that dyeing grey hair is an arduous and expensive affair. Moreover, most hair colors are not gentle on the strands and lead to roughness and damage. If our beauty icons make grey hair the new normal, then it will not only save us a lot of stress, but it will also protect our hair from damage.

Let us see how the grey hair trend ruled the red carpet at Cannes this month!

From Andie MacDowell to Jodie Foster, These Celebs Embraced Grey Hair at Cannes

Andie MacDowell’s gorgeous curls looked all the more spectacular on the Cannes red carpet with the strands of grey peeking through. The actress wore a beaded blue gown with minimal makeup and a silver-toned eyeshadow that perfectly complemented her grey hair.

Jodie Foster was also spotted wearing a stunning white gown with sparkly embellishments. What added the touch of magic to her look were the grey strands that framed her face beautifully. 

Of course, who cannot notice the grey-haired beauties of Hollywood without Dame Helen Mirren stealing the show? The supremely talented actress wore a vibrant yellow gown with a bejeweled necklace and earrings. She tied up her silky silver hair in a casual bun to accentuate the look perfectly.

Natural Beauty Is the New Celebrity Beauty Trend!

Not only did these celebrities bring attention to the trend of natural silver hair, but they also flaunted their wrinkles and imperfect skin with utmost grace. Minimal makeup ruled the red carpet at Cannes this year, with most celebrities staying away from the full coverage look.

According to Jodie Foster’s trusted makeup artist Brett Freedman, the actress loves a natural aesthetic. She believes in the less is more philosophy, which works great for her sharp features. Even on the Cannes red carpet, the star wore neutral eye makeup and sheer glossy lips. The actress flaunted her wrinkles and greys with phenomenal grace, showing her ageless beauty.

It seems that minimalistic beauty is a trend that is here to stay – with our favorite celebrities leading the path for all of us. So, flaunt those grey hair and wrinkles without any inhibitions because natural beauty is the best!

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