Billie Eilish’s Hair Transformation Takes the Internet by Storm!

For the longest time, singer and songwriter Billie Eilish made waves with her black and neon green hair. Not only is her music path-breaking, but some people also call those vibrant neon roots iconic. Yet, Eilish’s latest hair transformation has turned out to be even more legendary.

In a major shift from her baggy and rebellious style, Billie flaunted platinum blonde hair and figure-hugging corsets in a recent magazine shoot!

No, those gorgeous platinum blonde hair are not a wig. The artist spilled the beans about her hair transformation journey in a recent interview.

Billie’s Journey from Neon Green to Angelic Blonde

Billie revealed in an interview that her hair transformation was inspired by a fan edit where she sported blonde hair. The idea finally came to life in a photo shoot where she also donned silhouettes that accentuated her curves to perfection.

The sheer and silky outfits and platinum locks are a stark contrast from Billie’s laidback image. This is perhaps the artist’s way of telling the world that there is more to her personality than the world can see.

Her journey from black and green hair to the lightest blonde was a long one. As most hair enthusiasts will know, platinum blonde is one of the hardest colors to achieve without hair damage. When transitioning from brunette to platinum blonde, it takes several stages of bleaching the hair to reach the desired outcome.

Billies Journey

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In Billie’s case too, the platinum tresses needed multiple hair lightening sessions over weeks. She also admitted to some initial hair damage but said that now the hair fall is negligible.

How You Can Achieve Billie’s Platinum Blonde Look

If you wish to take a leaf from Billie’s book, we recommend visiting a hairstylist for the transition. DIY hair bleaching experiments can go wrong and lead to damaged, rough hair.

A professional hair colorist can help you achieve the right shade of blonde with minimal hair damage. This would require multiple hair treatments if you have darker hair.

Maintaining platinum blonde hair is also no mean task. You will need to deep condition the hair and also use a blue shampoo to prevent bronzy undertones. But, the final look will be worth all the effort.

With her stark transformation, Billie has become a global inspiration for women to break free from societal expectations. So, if you have been on the fence about a makeover yourself, go ahead and take the plunge!

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