Doja Cat Has Launched an Iconic Makeup Line!

Doja Cat is a popular household name at the moment, thanks to her catchy musical creations. As iconic and trend-setting as her songs are Doja’s colorful eye looks and eclectic hairstyles!

Needless to say, the artist has a passion for makeup and even experiments with her looks both onstage and offstage despite having a team of makeup artists. All the more reason for her fans to be excited is that Doja has come up with her makeup line in collaboration with a popular cosmetics brand!

Here is everything you need to know about Doja’s new makeup collection and what it has in store for you.

The Eyeshadow Palette of Doja Cat’s Dreams

The highlight of Doja Cat’s makeup line is the massive 36-pan eyeshadow palette, which brings together all the colors of the forest in full bloom. Doja says that she wanted a spectrum of hues all in one palette, representing how these colors coexist in nature. From lilac and fuchsia to red and yellow, this palette truly offers every shade under the sun. It is a manifestation of Doja’s dream to have one eyeshadow palette that contained all the shades she needed. She promises that these shadows have one-stroke pigmentation and a smooth glide. What more can you ask for?

For the “not so adventurous makeup lovers,” Doja has also brought out neutral eyeshadow quads that are perfect for daily wear. You can finish the look with the mascara from the makeup range that offers both volume and length.

There Is Something for Everyone in this Makeup Collection

Doja Cat has considered including a variety of products in her makeup collection, ensuring that there is something for everyone! From lip balms to plumping lip glosses to even a powder blush palette with drool-worthy shades, this makeup range is inclusive, to say the least. 

Another highlight of the collection is the eyeliner, which seems to be ideal for graphic eye looks. This smooth formula that claims to glide on the lids comes in three shades – white, green, and black. Moreover, it is matte and water-resistant, making it a front-runner for creative eye makeup.

So, which one are you? A lover of dreamy, colorful looks or a fan of muted, neutral hues? No matter what your color story of choice, you will find something worth your attention in Doja’s makeup line. So, whether you want to go bold or go basic, this new makeup launch got you covered!

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