Quick Read: Celebrity Skincare Habits We Love!


When it comes to celebrity skincare, there are too many ingredients and products to think about for adding or swapping from our routine. Yet, a few star-studded names have won our hearts with their devotion to specific practices (and not to mention glowing, clear skin for the ultimate proof!). We take a quick look at 2 highly recommended ones here.

Miranda Kerr — Rosehip Seed Oil

Who knew these little deep-red and innocent-looking berries could become such a powerful and essential ingredient in our skincare routine today? In 2013, Miranda Kerr had shared her best-kept post-pregnancy secret: religiously applying rosehip seed oil to her belly, which gave her the joy of not a single stretch mark.

Non-inflammatory fatty acids in this oil mean that you kill many birds with 1 stone; it not only moisturizes and hydrates your skin, but the non-inflammatory properties also help to treat skin imperfections such as pigmentation and scars.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley — Facial Washcloths

Is it only us who use a single bath towel for our bodies and our faces after a shower? If there’s one thing we’ve noticed from supermodel Rosie’s beautiful bathroom, it’s her facial washcloths. She always uses a washcloth soaked in warm water to moisten her skin before cleansing it as well as a fresh piece to gently wipe off her cleanser or mask after.

We did the reading for you and found that washcloths, especially muslin or 100% cotton ones, are excellent gentle exfoliators. For older people, this is especially useful as their skin starts to loosen up. Just a note of caution, given its highly absorbent nature, we’d suggest avoiding any application of lotions or serums with a washcloth.

While the bold and beautiful faces we see on-screen leave us starry-eyed most of the time, remember that healthy, clear, and glowing skin is definitely not unattainable and it most definitely does not have to be expensive!

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