Celeb-Approved Skincare Treatments Everyone Should Know!

What gives your favorite celebrity flawless, radiant skin? While good diet and genetics do have a role to play, most celebrities indulge in elaborate skincare treatments too. From facials to Botox, a lot goes into maintaining that camera-ready glowing skin. So, let us look at some of the top skin treatments that stars swear by!

Vampire Facials and Blood Moisturizers, What Is the Deal Behind Them?

Kim Kardashian’s famous vampire facial photos have done several rounds on the internet. This gory-looking skincare treatment can work wonders on the skin, and many celebrities vouch for it. A vampire facial uses plasma drawn from the individual’s blood, which is applied to their face after microdermabrasion. The platelet-rich plasma encourages faster skin regeneration, which gives smooth and youthful skin. This is perhaps the secret behind Kim K’s soft and wrinkle-free visage.

Another elaborate skincare ritual that involves blood is a platelet-rich moisturizer. It works on similar lines as a vampire facial but with a platelet-enriched face cream. Celebrity socialite Hailey Bieber seems to love this skin treatment. Her personalized blood moisturizer is concocted by Dr. Barbara Sturm, who is a pioneer in the world of molecular skincare.

From Caviar to Bird Droppings, Odd Skincare Ingredients That Stars Seem to Love!

They say that beauty comes at a cost, and in terms of skincare, it could mean smearing some not-so-pleasant substances on your body. Take the gorgeous Victoria Beckham, for example. Word has it that the style icon often indulges in Nightingale Facials. While the name sounds innocent, this treatment involves a face mask with nightingale droppings! The bird droppings are sanitized, dehydrated, and ground to a powder that is added to a face pack. The urea in the bird poo claims to brighten and hydrate the skin!

On another fishy note, guess what Angelina Jolie used to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy? Yes, caviar was her ingredient of choice! The actress enjoyed indulging in caviar-based treatments, with body wraps containing extracts from fish eggs. This treatment is thought to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

According to celebrity dermatologists, stars also resort to quick treatments before special appearances. These include cortisone injections to shrink acne within hours and Botox Lite for subtle smoothening.

Our favorite celebrities have their share of skincare emergencies. But what comes to their rescue are the best-in-class treatments that may often seem bizarre! So, would you be willing to try any of these treatments the next time your skin demands some pampering?

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