Bella Hadid’s Highlighter Goes Viral On Social Media!

Whether her phenomenal style or her impeccable makeup, Bella Hadid is a true trendsetter. The latest feather on the stunning model’s cap is going viral on TikTok for her highlighting technique! Bella shared some pictures from her friend’s birthday celebration on Instagram, and people couldn’t stop talking about the highlighter that made her jawline pop!

Bella’s makeup looked flawless in the candid photos, and her glistening jawline caught the attention of makeup enthusiasts on TikTok. Some makeup creators also tried to recreate the perfectly highlighted jawline on their platforms, making Bella’s photos go viral.

The Secret To Bella’s Popping Highlighter

Bella Hadid Viral On Social Media
Social media fans tried to decode the secret to Bella’s popping jawline. A popular theory is to first contour around the jaw bone for a chiseled look. The second step would be to carefully add a highlighter along the jaw bone. Applying the highlighter after contouring will draw more attention to the jawline and can make your face look sharper.

Some makeup lovers also remark that apart from the highlighter, good lighting and using a moisturizer before makeup can make the final look pop.

How To Recreate Bella Hadid’s Signature Makeup Look

If you take one look at Bella’s Instagram profile, you will notice that dewy skin, nude lips, and a chiseled jawline comprise her signature look. To recreate this look at home, you should start by prepping your skin for a radiant glow. Apply a moisturizer with a dewy finish all over your face and neck. Then, use a dewy foundation to create a glowy base for the rest of your makeup.

For the chiseled look, use a powder contour to define your jawline and cheekbones. Next, add a highlighter with a small powder brush, precisely to the high points of your face.

In terms of eye makeup, Bella keeps it pretty simple with a subtle brown eyeshadow and narrow arched brows. Finally, add a coat of your favorite nude lipstick to your pout, and you are done!

The best thing about Bella’s signature makeup look is that you can dial it up or tone it down as per the occasion. Go a little heavy-handed with the highlighter for a party, as she did for her friend’s birthday. For a more everyday look, you can skip the highlighter and add a peach blush along your jawbone instead.

So, if you are struggling with a foolproof makeup look, these beauty tips from Bella Hadid’s book will have your back!

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