Beauty Tips from Never Have I Ever Star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Actor Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is the new teenage sensation, thanks to her role in the popular teen comedy series Never Have I Ever. The actor’s style is also quite cool and colorful, something we can all take inspiration from. Plus, her skin is flawless and radiant. So, what are Maitreyi’s beauty secrets that help her achieve her signature look? Let’s find out!

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s Skincare and Makeup Secrets

1. Double Cleanse for Clean Skin

Maitreyi admits that on shoot days, she may grab a makeup wipe because it is quick and easy. However, to compensate for this, she follows a double-cleansing routine whenever she has the time. For this, she uses a cleansing oil and a gel cleanser, which she applies to her skin with a silicone pad to remove all the dirt and grease. She also uses a bi-phase eye makeup remover to get rid of waterproof mascara.

2. Layers of Hydration

The secret to Maitreyi’s plump and glowing skin is multiple layers of hydration. She starts with a face mist and follows it up with an antioxidant serum and moisturizer. She also applies an eye cream under her eyes for extra hydration. Using multiple layers of hydrating products allows your skin to retain the moisture better, giving it that dewy, supple look. These steps also create a smooth canvas to apply makeup on top.

3. Mix Foundations for Your Perfect Shade

After her skincare routine, Maitreyi proceeds to apply makeup. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough shades for brown skin tones on the market. To make up for this, Maitreyi mixes two different foundations to create her perfect shade. While brands need to bring out a more inclusive shade range, this is a trick you can try till you find your exact shade match.

4. Make Your Eyes Pop with Color

The highlight of Maitreyi’s look is her colorful eye makeup. She starts by prepping her eyelids with concealer so that the eyeshadow color looks more vibrant on the skin. She then creates a smokey eye look with a bright orange eyeshadow. As a finishing touch, she applies mascara to her lashes for a dramatic effect. If you have big eyes, this eye makeup will accentuate them further and will certainly get you many compliments.

These tips from Maitreyi Ramakrishnan can amp up your beauty game. So, add them to your beauty regimen for a glowing, colorful look.

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