Sylvie From Emily In Paris Shares Her Real-Life Beauty Tips

The second season of the popular show Emily In Paris dropped a few days ago, and netizens have been glued to their screens binge-watching the episodes. One of the most intriguing characters from the show is undoubtedly Sylvie, a boss lady and a no-nonsense woman in every sense of the word. Played by French star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Sylvie steals the show with her utmost grace and beauty.

Philippine’s character in the show flaunts minimal makeup with barely styled hair on occasions. Her healthy skin shines through the screen and makes the viewers wonder what’s the secret behind her glow. Luckily, Philippine has shared her real-life skincare regimen responsible for her on-screen radiance. Here is everything the actress does to maintain her gorgeous skin.

Philippine’s Thoughts On Aging Gracefully

As her on-screen persona wraps her head around aging on the show, Philippine firmly believes that women should be allowed to age without any guilt. She feels that we all should be well aware of our age and accept it wholeheartedly. After all, it is a natural thing, and why should anyone apologize for growing older? True to this belief, Philippine embraces her age and the wrinkles that come with it. So, the focus of her skincare regimen is not to magically erase her wrinkles but to keep her skin healthy and plump.

How Does Sylvie-aka-Philippine Maintain Her Radiant Skin?

Philippine’s skincare regimen is not just about what she applies to her face but also about what she puts inside her body. She loves her juices and believes in intermittent fasting. She also reveals an interesting European trend where you only eat grapes with seeds for a few weeks. While this diet may not be suitable for everyone, Philippine says that she loves how it makes her hair and skin look.

Apart from her diet, Philippine relies on a minimalistic skincare routine. Her daily regimen comprises a cleanser, floral water, serum, essence, and moisturizer. Most of these products focus on hydrating the skin more than anything else. Surprisingly, she does not wear sunscreen. However, she makes sure to stay in the shade during the peak sunlight hours or covers herself well.

Lastly, Philippine uses a Gua sha stone and derma roller to sculpt and tone her face. She also consumes collagen supplements to maintain firm skin.

The results of this doable skincare routine are evident on Philippine’s face! So, give her beauty tips a shot if you are looking for ways to improve your skin health.

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