The Truth About At-Home Microneedling by Beauty Blogger Miranda

Stubborn blemishes are a skin concern that is difficult to treat at home. Many recommend in-office treatments like laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and microneedling for the same. However, these procedures can be intimidating and expensive. That’s why we all seek at-home treatments for blemishes and pigmentation. At-home microneedling devices combine the best of both worlds, offering fast results on blemishes in the comfort of your home. Beauty blogger of the week Miranda Mendelson (@slashedbeauty) recently tried such a microneedling device. She has penned down her experience to help you understand the treatment better!

Miranda is a beauty blogger passionate about all things pocket-friendly. This passion blossomed when she started adulting in college and realized that she had to stick to a budget. However, Miranda did not want to let go of her love for beauty products! She developed an expertise in selecting affordable yet high-quality makeup and skincare. This gave birth to her blog, where she shares her beauty expertise with the world.

Sticking to the concept of affordable beauty, Miranda recently tried a budget-friendly microneedling device at home. Here is what her experience with the tool was like.

Miranda’s Thoughts On Microneedling Devices

How Does It Work?

A microneedling device has a surface covered with tiny needles that prick the skin when you massage it on your face. Miranda says that it is similar to rubbing Velcro on the skin and accompanied by some redness and a warm sensation. She doesn’t find it too uncomfortable, though. The needle pricks boost the skin’s healing process that addresses any texture, pigmentation, or bumps on the skin.

Tips For The Best Results

Miranda recommends supplementing the microneedling tool with topical skincare products. Based on her experience, the best combination was that of an AHA face mask and the microneedling device. She says that any active ingredient, such as Vitamin C or an exfoliating acid can complement microneedling and offer faster results. She recommends using these products in between microneedling sessions.

What Difference Did Microneedling Make To Miranda’s Skin?

After four weeks of starting her at-home microneedling sessions, Miranda noticed that some stubborn spots on her face were fading. However, she states that the biggest difference she saw was in terms of skin texture. She has lesser bumps on her skin now, and her acne heals faster too!

While there is no such thing as a miracle tool for skincare, at-home microneedling can tackle various skin issues at once. If you want to give it a try, check out the full blog post on for Miranda’s complete experience.

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