Adele’s Signature Cat Eyeliner Is Back in Trend!

Musical icon Adele is finally back with some new music! The artist recently announced her new single on social media, and the teaser video broke the internet. The music video premiered on YouTube on 15th October and garnered more than 75 million views within 4 days.

Apart from the excitement surrounding the new song, fans are also going gaga over Adele’s eye makeup in the video. Her signature cat eyeliner steals the show in the scenes shot in black and white. The singer and songwriter also appeared on a magazine cover, flaunting the same bold eye makeup. This winged liner look was first conceptualized for Adele by makeup artist Michael Ashton and has since become a trademark for the singer.

It is safe to say that thanks to Adele, a thick black cat eyeliner will trend this season. Luckily, one of Adele’s favorite makeup artists, Pat McGrath, recently revealed all the secrets behind the singer’s iconic eyeliner. Here is how you can recreate it at home!

The Secret Behind Adele’s Cat Eyeliner

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath did Adele’s eye makeup for her recent cover shoot. She has shared some secrets to drawing the perfect thick winged eyeliner, which needs precision and intense pigmentation. To achieve this, Pat McGrath first used a gel pencil to trace out the shape of the liner. She then smudged it for a smokier effect and cleaned up any rough edges with a cotton swab.

Next, Pat intensified the pigmentation with a black liquid liner. This combination of gel and liquid ensures that the liner looks perfect and the pigment lasts all day long on the lids.

How To Replicate Adele’s Bold Eye Makeup At Home

Apart from using a gel pencil and liquid liner for your winged eyeliner, you need a few more steps to mimic Adele’s classic look.

Firstly, make sure that the wing is aligned with the outer corner of your eyes to give a lifted look to your face. Secondly, use a volumizing mascara to achieve thick lashes to balance out the bold liner. And lastly, use a muted lip shade so that all the attention is diverted to the eyes. If you are using an eyeshadow, stick with neutral shades or subtle shimmer to make sure that the liner is the star of the show.

With these pro tips from Adele’s makeup artist, you too can flaunt a bold winged liner for every occasion. So, try these tips today to rock a cat-eye wing effortlessly, just like Adele!

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