5 Wardrobe Essentials That’ll Make Most of Your Closet


Fashion is primarily about change and innovation. There is always something new to know or learn about it, but five staple items are essential to every woman’s wardrobe.

It’s important to have classic items that never go out of style because they will be your most versatile items – these are the things that you can grab and go from your closet that can flatter your shape no matter what your shape is.

It is worth spending a little more on these staple wardrobe-essentials. Once you find the items that fit you perfectly, they are incredibly versatile. They can adapt to fit into most personal styles, with different accessories and different color schemes to make entirely new outfits every time!

So what are these five wardrobe essentials that every woman should own? These are what we suggest in your capsule collection!

1. Tailored Blazer

Tailored Blazer
A tailored blazer is one of the all-time classic items to have in your capsule wardrobe. It can be dressed up for a smart and professional look for an interview or business meeting or made to look smart-casual for post-work dinner and drinks.

When searching for a tailored blazer, you should look for one that fits your shape comfortably. This includes making sure that it is comfortable around your back and shoulders and that the length of the sleeves is just right for your arm length.

Top Tip: The cuffs of the sleeves should sit at your wrists when you are standing up.

For a blazer to have a flattering fit for your shape, we recommend searching for one that tapers at the waist. This is a flattering cut for all body shapes and can make the blazer incredibly feminine; when it’s fastened up, it will look sharp as well as lady-like.

Make sure that the blazer hugs your figure comfortably when entirely done up. If it is too tight, the fastenings will be put under stress when sitting down, and if the fit is too loose, the blazer may ride up your back when sitting down.

2. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
There should always be a little black dress that makes you feel a million dollars in every woman’s wardrobe! The LBD will be your ultimate piece that provokes confidence and class.

A little black dress that accentuates your curves in a feminine cut but still modest enough to wear confidently can be challenging to find, so when looking for an LBD, make sure to look out for these top 3 considerations for the perfect dress:

Length. Although there is no ‘perfect’ length for a Little Black Dress, the clue is in the title! The most flattering length is a dress that falls in between the lower thigh and knee, or if you are feeling more conservative, just below the knee.

Material. The best material for your LBD will depend on your shape. A fitted dress made from heavy cotton or linen will sit beautifully if you have a slender figure.

If you have a fuller, curvier figure, then choosing a material that has some stretch in it will flatter your body contours and will be more comfortable to wear.

Cut. The cut of a little black dress is a make or break for your figure. If you have a body type that is straight up and down or athletic, look out for curved hems and necklines to create a soft, feminine look. A deep scooped-back can also suit these body types and create some drama in your LBD.

If you are curvier, a deep V-neck can create a slimming illusion and give the appearance of a slimmer torso. A halter-neck style can give the illusion of more petite bosoms but make sure you have the most suitable underwear for this style!

3. A Good Pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans is probably the most difficult wardrobe staple to find, but once you do, they will be the most pivotal piece you own!

It can make you look and feel confident. Good jeans are incredibly versatile; they can be dressed up for smart occasions and dressed down for casual moments. Here are some top tips to look out for when choosing your essential jeans:

Color. Darker indigo denim is more flattering for curvier figures, while a light stonewash jean is more flattering for a more slender or athletic figure.

Cut. A straight-leg pair of jeans is more flattering for taller women and those with slim figures, while a boot-cut style or kick-flare is fit for curvier bottom and thighs, as it gives the illusion of a balanced weight.

Also, consider the rise of the jean here. If you have a fuller tummy or hip area, a high-rise jean style would give you better shape, while a mid/low-rise will look amazing on smaller frames.

Material. Although denim is generally a heavy material, you can choose variations of jeans that have incorporated more stretch within the piece to accommodate unique shapes and sizes. This element is beneficial if you find yourself between sizes and allow you more movement and wiggle-room in what you choose.

4. Classic White Shirt/ Blouse

Classic White Shirt
A classic white shirt is one of the most versatile and essential pieces you can have in a capsule wardrobe, and it can fit with every other piece mentioned here with ease!

When looking for the perfect white shirt, make sure it fits your body perfectly with these top rules:

  • It fits comfortably around your back and shoulders
  • It can be tucked in or left outside and still looks smart
  • It doesn’t gape around the breast area when entirely done up
  • It has a flattering sleeve length. Three-quarter and long sleeves are more flattering for fuller arms, while short and capped sleeves can complement slender and athletic arms
  • It is darted and tapered in at the waist, flattering for any figure.

5. Tailored Black Pants

Having a pair of tailored black pants is a must-have essential. These are the things you should look at investing a little bit more in to make sure you find the perfect pair that are timeless and will last.

The best black pants are made of heavier cotton, so they hang in a flattering way from your figure. Black pants with side pockets are suitable for slender figures, but if you have a fuller figure, it may not be best to add more weight around the hip area as it can affect the way the pants fit.

The most timeless style is a straight leg with a front crease, where the leg of the pants falls just below your ankle. This enables them to be considered smart, but it also makes them incredibly great when worn with heels or brogues.


There are many benefits to having 5 wardrobe essentials every woman should own. To make them work for you, spend a little more than your prescribed budget to get quality garments that suit your figure.

Always remember that these capsule wardrobe staples are interchangeable with other fashion pieces, and together! You can mix and match all of these pieces to make smart and formal outfits or dress them down for casual affairs.

It is always better to get these items of good quality, so they last through the seasons to make sure you have something to wear for every occasion!

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