7 Tips for Planning a Perfect Staycation at home

This season has been oddly different than ever before. Physical distancing recommendations and travel constraints have been placed to ensure our health and safety. Also, we are advised to make our vacation plans innovative.

While these things may cause some inconvenience, you can still have the best time without leaving your home – we promise, it will be a great staycation! While you’re observing precautionary measures to keep yourself physically strong, it’s also vital to maintain your mental and emotional health and reduce the impact of this pandemic.

Taking some time off for a staycation can be advantageous to your well-being. A study has found that when you plan for a break from work, it can positively affect your mental health.

Check out these tips for designing your perfect COVID-19 staycation (and being purposeful about it). 

1. Clear your agenda

At this time, people are learning and working from the comfort of their homes. It can be difficult to carry out your duties and do your chores at the same time.

On your staycation, let free yourself from your usual habits or daily routine. Of course, it will require some planning on your part. Block off dates in your schedule. Inform your company or school. Complete tasks, projects, and household errands before your staycation, and avoid glancing at your email or student account once it has started. Let everyone know your agenda and when they’ll be able to get in touch with you.

2. Set your goals

Set your goals
No, you don’t need an incredible idea for your staycation. All you need is an action plan. Maybe you want to splurge or spend a day or two in your room. This will give you time to plan for your future or any particular thing you look forward to doing one day.

3. Schedule your activities

Arrange the activities on your staycation. It will help you make the most of your time and simply allow you to enjoy these things. Perhaps, you want to plant a few ornamentals in the garden early in the morning or take up a cooking class – something you have been yearning for.

4. Spend some time outdoors

With physical distancing recommendations, a lively beach escapade or a theme park adventure is less feasible right now. Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to use your staycation locked up inside all day (and we’d suggest not doing that).

Spend some time outdoors

You can go for a solo stroll or mountain climbing, set up a camp or stargaze on your porch, discover a private spot to witness the dusk or dawn, or even just fill some time reading on your veranda, your rooftop, or in your garden.

There are a lot of physical and mental health benefits you could gain from being outdoors, so make an effort to go outside. Just make sure to grab a face mask and follow the usual physical distancing protocols set by your resident health sector.

5. Switch up your routine

What makes a vacation very exciting is you’ll experience things you’ve never tried doing for a very long time.

Perhaps, you can rearrange your living room and make use of a particular theme in mind. Even things like changing your cushions, lighting some candles, or putting fresh flowers in a pretty vase can have a huge effect.

Then, have some variation in your routine! For instance, you can make yourself some breakfast in bed, try incorporating new products into your skincare routine, put on a personally made mixtape, or cook a new recipe. Even the simplest things can make you feel like you’ve taken a year off.

6. Choose your apparel

You know that mood when you’re packing for a tour, choosing suitable outfits, and getting enthusiastic about what is to come? You can have a pre-trip dreamlike experience by picking a great wardrobe ahead of your staycation.

Choose your apparel

It will also a good chance to switch things up. If you’ve been used to wearing T-shirts and jogging pants, try hunting for something chic from the rear of your closet, as if you are preparing for an elegant dinner.

7. Collect items

Depending on your mini-break plans, you may need some time to get things together – like craft materials, refreshments, a new paperback, etc. You surely don’t have to purchase anything new to have an effective staycation, but if you want to splurge a little and it complements your experience, then go ahead and add those to your online shopping cart.

It’ll also help give you something to look forward to and increase your expectations towards your staycation.

Final Thoughts

You see, just because you can’t go out on a vacation during the pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t experience the thrill of a short trip. Hopefully, the tips we mentioned above can help you plan your staycation, relax, and find solitude even if it means staying at home while being very creative!  

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