12 Haircare Mistakes That Can Damage Your Hair Every Day


Everybody dreams of shiny and silky hair that looks healthy and voluminous. But like everything else in life, bouncy and beautiful hair also requires some hard work. Without a well-crafted hair care routine, your hair may look limp, damaged, or frizzy. You may also experience hair thinning or hair fall if you do not take proper measures to pamper and protect your hair.

Not only should you focus on using hair care products, but you should also make sure to choose the right products as per your hair type. You should also minimize heat damage caused by blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling wands.

Even though you might be following an elaborate hair care routine, it is possible that your hair still doesn’t look healthy or shiny. This is probably because you are making some haircare mistakes that can leave your hair damaged and weak. By choosing the right hair products and being gentle with your hair, you can achieve healthy and lustrous hair strands. Here are the common haircare mistakes that you should be wary of. Some of them may surprise you!

12 Damaging Haircare Mistakes That You Might Be Making

1. Using A Hair Dryer In Hot Setting

Hair Dryer Mistake
According to studies, using a hairdryer in a hot setting can damage the hair shaft. To minimize heat damage, hold the dryer at least 15 cms away from your hair. It is even safer to use the dryer in a cold setting. Your hair may take longer to dry with the cold air but will be saved from any heat damage.

2. Not Air-Drying

Air drying is the safest way to dry your hair when you have the time. It does not lead to any heat damage, frizz, or stubborn knots that blow-drying can cause. Make sure to air dry your hair during the day so that they are completely dry before you go to bed.

3. Stepping Out With Wet Hair

Out With Wet Hair
Your hair strands are much weaker when they are wet compared to when they are dry. So, if you step out with wet hair, they are more prone to breakage and environmental damage. Also, brushing or tying the hair when wet can lead to more breakage. Make sure to dry your hair completely before stepping out.

4. Ponytails That Are Too Tight

Tight ponytails or buns exert a lot of force on the roots. This can lead to breakage and also make your scalp hurt. So, it is best to avoid tight hairstyles, especially when your hair is going to be tied for several hours.

5. Using The Wrong Brush For Your Hair Type

Wrong Brush For Your Hair Type
There are different types of hairbrushes available on the market, and you must choose one that suits your hair type. For example, paddles brushes work best for long and straight hair, while a wide-toothed comb may work better for curly hair.

Those with fine hair should choose a detangling brush, while those with thinning hair should pick a brush with soft nylon bristles. By picking the right brush for your hair type, you will minimize hair damage and breakage.

6. Not Investing In Good Quality Styling Tools

Styling tools like hair straighteners and curlers can cause severe damage to your hair if they are of poor quality. Good quality styling tools have better temperature control and coatings to prevent heat damage and frizz. Always opt for tools that offer these features.

7. Not Using The Right Haircare Products For Your Hair Type

According to studies, different haircare products offer different benefits targeted at certain hair types. For example, certain shampoo surfactants provide deep cleansing, while others promote softening and mild cleansing for damaged hair. Similarly, some conditioners may contain silicones that offer smoothening to fine hair, while others contain plant oils, which may stimulate deep conditioning to thick hair. So, choose hair products as per your hair type to get the best results.

8. Sleeping With Wet Hair

Wet hair is weaker than dry hair and can break easily if you sleep on it. It is also more prone to getting tangled, which can cause breakage when you brush it the next morning. Always dry your hair before going to bed.

9. Not Using A Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase
Silk pillowcases minimize the friction between your hair and the pillow, reducing frizz, breakage, or tangling. They are also less prone to bacterial growth and can prevent scalp infections. For the best results, wash your silk pillowcase 1-2 times a week. It can make a massive difference to your hair and scalp health.

10. Not Focussing On Scalp Health

Hair fall or weak hair can often be an indication of poor scalp health. While we all spend hours styling our hair, we might neglect the scalp, which can cause long-term damage. So, use scalp tonics or treatments tailored to your scalp type to achieve healthier hair.

11. Overwashing/ Underwashing

Washing your hair too often can make them dry and brittle. On the other hand, washing them infrequently can lead to dirt buildup and infection. Wash your hair 1-2 times a week or depending on how oily they get. On no-wash days, use a dry shampoo or spot wash the roots to prevent greasiness.

12. Using Too Much Hair Product

Most leave-on hair products contain alcohol that can dry your hair when used excessively. Some hair products alter the hair texture or contain fragrances that damage the hair strands. Use these hair products sparingly, especially if you have dry or damaged hair.


If you desire lustrous, healthy, and silky hair, then you must pay more attention to your haircare routine. Identify your scalp and hair type and choose your products carefully. Minimize heat styling and air dry your hair when you have the time. These simple ways can make a massive difference to the appearance of your hair.

Apart from avoiding these rookie haircare mistakes, pay attention to your diet and scalp health. Make sure to supply the right vitamins and minerals to your body for healthy hair growth. Also, use scalp treatments to ensure that your hair is healthy right from the roots.

If you follow these tips for healthy hair, you can achieve the shiny and smooth locks that you have always dreamed of!

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