Why Is Gifting Plants Considered An Act Of Kindness

What does a perfect gift mean? A perfect gift transfers and evokes some form of emotion – be it love, care, hope, or happiness. It should be able to easily place a smile on the face of the end receiver.

Well, what’s a better choice than to gift house plants? They can be useful, vital for the environment, and instantly uplift the decor of a room in which they are kept. They are great tools for health and well-being and serve as some of the best interior design final touches.

Plants are way more than the simple sum of their stems, leaves, and roots. They can be pleasant reminders of nature’s bright-colored beauty that oftentimes we find ourselves craving from the confines of our homes, especially during the colder and darker winter months. The hints of minimalism, timelessness, and low maintenance of house plants make them an excellent gift idea.

Flowers make wonderful gifts, and for years, they have been many people’s go-to gifts for sympathy, congratulations, Valentine’s Day, and many other special events. Yet when compared, plants are a better choice than your usual over-priced floral bouquet for just about every occasion!

The fresh flower industry is known to be wasteful, leaving behind heaps of unnecessary plastic wrap, stickers, rubber bands, and wilted stems. It’s no wonder that the younger generations now opt for the more sustainable things when it comes to gifting – plants!

Plants are one of the most eco-friendly gifts you can find, and unlike the highly-individualized taste in flowers and the representative significance of their dazzling colors (red roses for love, white petunias for sympathy, etcetera), the timeless allure of satin green leaves is a classic.

Reasons Why Gifting Plants Is An Act Of Kindness

Below are some of the good reasons:

1. Plants Are Good For Health

These days, many of us rarely step out of our homes and offices. In some cases, our homes have become our new offices! – a reason people feel claustrophobic. To add to the matter, when people venture out, they’re bombarded with the rising levels of air pollution, which can make it incredulous to believe that indoor air quality is more toxic.

Having a plant present in a room can help to purify the air by removing toxins. Adding house plants to interior spaces can also help to enhance oxygen levels. So when you give someone a houseplant, you’re ultimately giving them a gift for good health because they’ll be rewarded with fresher, cleaner, and improved indoor air quality.

2. Plants Last Longer

Unlike many other throw-away gifts, plants don’t come with an expiration date, nor do they become outdated as new trends set in. They’re a gift that can last forever as long as the recipient chooses to nurture it correctly. It’s a two-way street because the longer the person cares for the plant, the longer the plant will grace them with its beauty.

Don’t worry though, most house plants are low-maintenance and should survive being watered just once a week.

3. They Can Be Gifted for Any Occasion

Gifting Plants

There’s no need to wonder what the best occasion to give someone a plant is as they lend themselves perfectly to every event. This is what makes plants the greatest gift.

When you give someone a houseplant, you’re presenting the recipient with the responsibility of caring for something. This can serve as a gesture to showcase your trust in the recipient and acknowledge their love for other living things.

4. Houseplants Are Less Wasteful

Most flower bundles come wrapped in unnecessary amounts of plastic wrap, stickers, tape, and wire. Yet the beauty of houseplants is that they regularly come in a simple plastic pot that can be reused and better – recycled!

If you wanted to take the zero-waste element even further, one should opt for gifting a propagation of their plants instead of going for a store-bought option.

5. Plants and Herbs Can Be Used in The Kitchen

Gifting Plants

Encourage a green thumb and a love of culinary adventure by pairing a few popular recipes with a plant gift of some kitchen herbs, such as rosemary, chives, oregano, and basil. Just make sure the gifted herb planters will be able to easily fit in a sunny but convenient location, such as a kitchen window ledge. This will help ensure quick access to freshly-cut herbal delights when cooking.

6. Motivation Promoter

Finally, plants can also help to boost motivation in different ways. Some types of houseplants can bring a renewed positive energy into someone’s home, both through their aesthetically pleasing foliage and their purifying abilities.

Additionally, routine maintenance can be grounding and act as an active form of meditation to quiet and renew the mind. Caring for houseplants is comparable in some ways to raising a pet, although, the feelings of joy and fulfillment when houseplants thrive can make the whole experience very rewarding.

Tips For Gifting Plants

Plants, similarly to flowers, have a language of their own. Each houseplant has a unique story to tell, as plants can showcase their various qualities. Knowing what each plant represents can help people pick an individualized and perfect gift.

Below are examples of some all-time favorite plants, along with their symbolic meanings and abilities.

  • Aloe Vera – Also known as the Plant of Immortality, aloe symbolizes healing and protection. It can be used to make juice from the pulp and help with burns, rashes, and different types of skin ailments.
  • Snake Plant – Snake plants are one of the best air-purifying plants. It helps to keep the allergens at bay and exudes positive energy.
  • Cactus – Contrary to popular belief, the cactus plant symbolizes endurance, strength, and toughness.


Whether it is a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or any event, plants make a great gift.

Giving your loved one plants can mean a multitude of things, but most importantly, it is a kind act as it shows someone that you care for them. A well-looked-after houseplant is a gift that keeps on giving because it’s a beautiful investment that can be experienced for years.

These are some of the good reasons why giving someone a plant as a gift is an act of kindness. So, the next time you think of buying a gift, make sure to choose wisely!

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