How to Find Your Purpose in Life?

For years, many have tried to find the meaning of life, the objective purpose of our existence. From ancient philosophers to modern psychologists, plenty of humanity’s greatest thinkers have sought after the answer to the question “what is the meaning of life.”

However, when it comes to life and its meaning, the experience is considered to be highly subjective and unique to every individual. After all, each one has an individual purpose, and so, finding one objective truth can prove to be an impossible endeavor.

So, if each of us has an individual purpose, then it’s fairly easy to discover it, right? Well, it depends. Just like humanity, finding one’s life purpose is a unique journey that cannot be replicated by others.

For some, it may appear like they were born with a sense of purpose, a passionate nature that allows them to take the world by storm. For others, the path to self-discovery may seem like a never-ending series of challenges.

So, how do you go about finding your purpose in life?

1. Set Aside Some Time To Discover What Drives You.

Why do you want to know? Why are you searching for your life’s purpose? These are some of the questions you can take into consideration when starting your journey to discovering your purpose in life.

While it ultimately results in a better version of yourself, taking the time to discover what drives you will help fuel you during your search for your life’s purpose. This is an important aspect during the rough times in your journey, when it may seem like learning your purpose in life is a futile endeavor.

You can even become more specific: is it family that drives you? Is it your hobby? Is it your friends? Or is it simply the idea of having a goal or a sense of direction?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, then you’re already one step closer to discovering your purpose. Knowing your answers to these questions can also help you formulate a clearer plan or framework towards your goal of discovering your life’s purpose.

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2. Immerse Yourself In The World Of Literature.

Books and other types of literature are versatile. They are meant to entertain, to inform, to communicate, and more importantly, to enable us to explore ideas and concepts that allow us to understand what it takes and what it means to be human.

Literary works, whether they be classics or contemporary pieces, allow us to connect with people whom we’ll never meet nor know. They also allow us to do so without being hindered by the limitations of the physical world, like time and space. 

As such, they can be valuable in your path to self-understanding and the discovery of your life’s purpose. After all, many of mankind’s greatest minds left behind their wisdom in the form of literature.

While finding the meaning of life and discovering your purpose may not necessarily be found in literary works, it’s undeniable how helpful they could be in understanding what you need to do to find the purpose of your life.

That said, you can also explore more complex ideas that allow you to understand yourself and the world as a whole through writing. After all, your search for your purpose was initially driven by a sense of curiosity about yourself and life.

3. Nurture A Life Defined By Ideas Like Altruism And Gratitude.

One of the primary reasons why one seeks their purpose in life is to live a happier and healthier life. Our purpose in life gives meaning to our lives, provides us with something to hold onto during challenges, and allows us to frame our mind in a way that helps us achieve our goals.

Cultivating a life defined by certain ideas like gratitude, awe, and altruism can help you discover your life’s purpose. For example, the concept of awe involves feelings of amazement in the presence of things that allows us to feel like there’s something much bigger than us.

This can provide us with the foundation from which to start searching for our purpose in life. Another concept is gratitude. Gratitude means we become more mindful of the things we have and allow us to practice another value – altruism.

With altruism, we contribute more to the world, expanding our small bubble to include the outside world. While not everyone would feel like contributing to the world as a whole is their purpose, it can be a steppingstone to finding what it means to have a meaningful life.

Altruism and Gratitude

4. Be Part Of A Community.

For some, finding the purpose of their existence can mean finally finding somewhere they belong, where they can be themselves. This brings us back to the initial step, which is finding out what drives you. 

For those whose meaning is driven by a sense of belongingness, of being a part of something greater, then being a part of a community can help them discover their purpose and meaning.

Building and being a part of a community can help reflect the nobility and integrity of our journey. If you find yourself losing sight of your purpose, then take a careful look at your company. 

See if the impact they’re trying to make is something that inspires you – if it doesn’t, then you might find your purpose when you look for another community where you can finally be at ease.

Final Thoughts

The journey to discovering your purpose in life may not be an easy one, but taking the time to be more mindful of yourself through self-reflection and exploring different worlds and concepts through literature can help give you an idea of where to start.

Furthermore, cultivating a life filled with gratitude, awe, and altruism can also lead you to discover your purpose, as well as feeling like you belong when in a community.

The purpose and meaning of life are unique to every individual’s life and experiences, and there is no one right way to discover them. It’s a journey that each one must take on their own with the help and support of their loved ones.

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