Ultimate Guide to Create Your Doable Bucket List

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’d love to do that; it’s going on my bucket list!” You’ve probably even said it yourself!

A bucket list is something that may or may not be a physical list of things you would like to achieve within your lifetime.

These things could be drawn from elements of everyday life, your dreams, fantasies, or even extreme things that may be classed as “Once-In-A-Lifetime” opportunities or occurrences.

People have bucket lists for all sorts of reasons. Some people have them as a list of goals to achieve in life and physically and metaphorically tick them off as they are complete. In contrast, others will have them as a fantasy list of things they would like to achieve.

In either case, bucket lists are fantastic to have in your mind or on paper, and you never know when the power of manifestation might just bring them into reality!

So how do you create the ultimate bucket list for your life to create that list of crazy things to do, see, try and visit?

Let’s construct the ultimate bucket list!

1. Create A Realistic Timeline

Creating a realistic timeline for achieving elements on your bucket list will make the elements on there appear far more achievable in reality!

If you start by listing the most achievable goals, you will see how possible your bucket list can be!

2. Ask Friends & Family for Suggestions

Family and friends can offer a different perspective on entries to your own bucket list. They may suggest things you love the sound of but may not have thought about yourself!

Your nearest and dearest may also recommend things they have already done and think they would be perfect for your bucket list too!

3. Childhood Dreams

Childhood Dreams
Think back to what was important to the younger you during childhood. What were your dreams then? Did you dream of owning stables, having the flashiest car, or traveling to the most magical place on earth?

When you look back, always ask yourself, “What did I want to grow up to be when I was younger?” and you will have a flood of memories.

If you can’t remember, go back to your family and ask them to relay all of the things you said you wanted to do, see and visit when you were a child.

4. Experiences

Experiences are a great thing to have on your bucket list. Maybe you want to be a Zookeeper for the day? These can be those “Once-In-A-Lifetime” experiences that you may only ever create one chance of doing, such as freefalling out of a plane or swimming with dolphins.

These entries on a bucket list will provoke quite a lot of emotion and will feel amazing once you have achieved it!

5. List Places & Landmarks


The world is so full of beautiful places to see and visit – the iconic landmarks of the earth’s four corners.

The places you list will reflect you and what you find interesting, so if you are a writer, you might like to visit famous locations of the iconic authors of the world. If you are an aspiring artist, you may find that your bucket list places will potentially be seeing the best art galleries around the world, or indeed one place in particular.

6. Food Experiences

Everyone has that one thing on their bucket list that relates to food! And it is usually not just “Oh, I’d love to try this,” it can be along the lines of “I’d love to have the most authentic experience of this food.” So it could be having the most authentic Chinese food or having the freshest seafood straight out of the ocean cooked on the beach.

This part of your bucket list could also have you traveling to find those most authentic foods or, indeed, learning to cook your favorite things in the most authentic ways from experts.

7. Skills you want to learn.

Skills you want to learn

There are some things in our lives we just haven’t got round to learning, but your life is far from over to learn something new!

Your bucket list can include those things you want to learn, such as learning a new language, gaining a new qualification, or learning to drive – the list can be endless here!

Make sure this particular entry is achievable. By doing this, you are far more likely to be able to tick it off as a success!

8. Inspirational Resources

The internet is awash with inspiration for entries to your bucket list!

If you are finding yourself particularly stumped on what to include, here are some things to search for that may inspire you!

  • Unique experiences
  • Any travel blog or destination blog
  • Ultimate experience guides
  • Best restaurants in the world
  • Luxury places to visit
  • Unusual things to achieve

All of these will potentially lead you to more and more ideas, and the more you search, the more you are likely to find that will hold a space on your ultimate bucket list!


Your bucket list will be one of the most remarkable things you can construct for yourself, no one else! It can contain entries both old and new, around all of the elements of life you wish to achieve. This can seem like writing all of the unachievable down, but, in contrast, writing them down makes an idea turn into a plan.

Writing things down can help move towards the entries becoming a reality, making those younger-you dreams come into real life. And it doesn’t matter what is on there; it’s personal to you, and if there is something on there that seems strange to other people, make sure you achieve that one!

Have fun with a bucket list! With some great thought, genuine desire, and some realistic timelines for achievement, this time next year, you could be saying, “I ticked that one off my bucket list, and it was amazing!”

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