Beauty Blogger Molly Shares Her Winged Liner Tips For Hooded Eyes!

Applying winged eyeliner on hooded eyes can be quite the task! Because of how the eyelids fold back, half your liner may not be visible when you look straight. This steals from the dramatic effect that a winged liner is supposed to impart. Luckily, beauty blogger Molly Gardner (@girlgetglamorous) has found the perfect solution to this problem!

Molly is a beauty enthusiast with a penchant for hair and makeup. Her blog “Girl Get Glamorous” is all about hair and makeup tips and tutorials for a glamorous look. Like many women, Molly has hooded eyes and has figured out the best tricks for applying winged eyeliner on this eye shape. So, here are some of the tips Molly has used to ace her eyeliner game!

Molly’s Game-Changing Winged Eyeliner Tips For Hooded Eyes

1. Use Your Lower Lash Line For Reference

Molly recommends aligning the angle of your winged liner with your lower lash line. This will help you achieve the perfect 45-degree angle on your face for a more lifted effect. After you draw the bottom line of the wing, draw the upper half of the triangle with a line that meets your crease. Then, fill in the triangle for a clean and bold look.

2. Look Straight When Drawing The Wing

To achieve the most flattering look with your winged liner, Molly recommends drawing it while looking straight into the mirror. If you squint, lift, or lower your eyelids, then the angle of the wing can go all wrong.

3. Use Dark Eyeshadow For Practice

Eyeshadow For Practice
A dark brown or black eyeshadow is the perfect product to practice drawing your winged eyeliner. This is because it is easier to clean up any mistakes with eyeshadow. You can also go over certain portions multiple times for a starker look. To increase the longevity of your liner when using an eyeshadow, don’t forget to spritz some makeup setting spray.

4. Choose Gel Liner Over Liquid Liner

If you have shaky hands or are not too confident about drawing a liner, use a gel liner with a brush. A gel liner offers the same dramatic and bold pigmentation as a liquid liner but is easier to apply. Plus, it glides on better on hooded eyes.

5. Clean Up, If Needed

It is ok if you make a few mistakes when trying to draw winged liner on hooded eyes. Molly recommends cleaning up the mistakes with a Q-tip dipped in concealer for a flawless look.

If you have hooded eyes, these winged liner tips will certainly help you out the next time! For a step-by-step tutorial on applying winged liner, check out Molly’s full blog post on

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