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When it comes to weddings and special occasions, we all want to look our absolute best. After all, those photos are going to be cherished forever! But how can you achieve that picture-perfect look? International makeup artist and beauty blogger Wendy Rowe (@wendyrowe) is here to spill the beans!

Wendy is a makeup artist and beauty expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. She has worked as a Creative Director for a leading beauty brand and has collaborated with several others over her long and prolific career. It is obvious that Wendy knows more than a thing or two about flawless makeup! Here are her go-to tips for wedding makeup, which you can also follow for any special occasion.

Wendy’s Top Tips for Wedding and Special Occasion Looks

1. Skin Preparation

Your skin is the canvas for your makeup, which is why skin prep is essential for a flawless look. Wendy recommends getting a facial before a special event for smoother skin. She also suggests cleaning the face thoroughly on the nights up to the event. This will unclog your pores and offer an even surface for the makeup to sit on.

On the day of the event, cleanse and moisturize your skin well before starting with your makeup. To beat the oiliness, Wendy recommends a mattifying lotion for the T-zone.

2. Balancing the Glow

While dewy skin is the latest trend, Wendy says that too much glow on the face might look too shiny in pictures. She admits that radiant makeup looks stunning in real life but does not translate into equally spectacular pictures.

She suggests opting for a toned-down glow for special occasion makeup. You can achieve this balance by using a matte base and applying a highlighter to the high points of the face.

3. Standing Out with Color

Want to break free from stereotypical wedding looks? Add some color to the mix! Wendy mentions that the camera tends to wash out colors, so you can opt for a lipstick that is two shades deeper than your natural shade.

This will instantly add some vibrancy to your face. Another option is to pair a neutral lipstick with a bronze eye look. This color pairing will look spectacular if your outfit is monochromatic.

4. Fixing Spray and Touch-Up Tools

To look your best all day long, you need makeup that lasts.

Apply a generous spritz of makeup setting spray as the final touch to your look. Also, make sure to carry a few makeup products to touch up your face throughout the day. Wendy recommends having your lipstick and a powder handy at all times for last-minute fixes.

These tips could help you make all the heads turn on your big day! For more tricks, check out Wendy’s full blog post here on

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