Biggest Skincare Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2023

Skincare is potentially the most essential part of any beauty routine, as your skin is something that will be with you from the moment you are born! It is also the first thing other people notice when they see you and the one thing that can be a great confidence booster when it’s clean and fresh!

Winter seems to be the harshest season for skin as we just don’t know what kind of weather we are going to be faced with day-to-day. 

At the beginning of a brand new year, it is always good to see what recent skin trends are out there and if there is a way that they can be suited to you to give your skin a well-needed overhaul!

While you see trends shooting around the globe for makeup, hair, and fashion, skincare and skin trends are fast catching up! 

Although your skincare and trends should always be suited to you and your skin overall, there may be some trends that you can pick up and implement into an overhauled skincare routine for a brand new year!

So what’s out there for skin trends in 2022, and how can we get the skin trends ourselves? Let’s have a look!

1. Fermented Skincare For Inflammation

Let’s not roll our eyes so fast at this particular entry!

Fermented Ingredients in skincare may have a ton of benefits for your skin! 

Research has shown they’re linked to anti-aging properties like reducing inflammation. They are currently popular in skincare as it uses a naturally derived process to help increase the potency of the ingredients and increase the penetration and utilization within the skin without any irritations. This could be useful if you suffer from acne and breakouts or even winter-induced redness.

2. Get Cold Therapies At Home

Cold Therapies At Home
We’ve all been there. You wake up, your skin is puffy and fluid-filled, and you look like you’ve experienced some sort of allergic reaction to your pillow! So you get up and head straight for the cold water, a cold compress, or a cold can of soda to hold on to the affected areas until they go down, right?

Ok, maybe not so much the last one!

What we are seeing coming forward is cryo-like therapies being used at home, in those instances where everything looks puffy, and your eye cream just will not cut it!

The treatments, which vary in methodology and execution, all have that one thing in common which will take your skin from puffy and pooled to taut and toned in no time at all, and that is the cold!

Find your at-home solution in the shape of iced rollers or chilled cubes to get the skin you need, not the one you wake up with!

3. Science In Skincare Is Big Business!

Gone are the days where we slap any formulation of day cream on our faces and hope for the best!

The world, specifically on social media, has become finely tuned to the ingredients in our everyday products. 

A huge revolution is being made towards using the ingredients that are good for our skin and its healthy proliferation and those found naturally.

Beauty influencers, such as Mikayla Nogueira, regularly review everything in the beauty world. She is a huge advocate for the way skincare makes her skin glow and the powerful ingredients in them.

So get scientific and get learning the power ingredients that can be present in skincare that can take your skin game from 0-100 in one bottle!

Look out for the super-ingredients, such as:

  • SPF – UVA and UVB protection
  • Retinol – increases your skin’s rate of collagen production and skin proliferation
  • Vitamin C – evens skin tone, allows better moisture retention, and improves collagen production
  • Hyaluronic Acid – draws moisture into your skin and retains it
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – a chemical exfoliant that helps you shed dead skin cells and regenerate new ones

4. Mindful And Sustainable Beauty Packaging

Mindful And Sustainable

While you may not think that this element is directly related to your skin, hear us out!

In recent years, there have been massive waves for skincare and beauty products to make sure their packaging is more sustainable and mindful. After all, you don’t want to have the best skincare in the worst packaging for the environment as that defeats the object somewhat!

But here’s the thing, if the manufacturer is packaging-conscious, you can know that the ingredients inside will be great too! We have seen some manufacturers’ resurgence of the classic glass packaging, which is excellent as the pots can be refilled with your favorite products!

There is also a movement into aluminum packaging, so a significant move away from the plastics, which are not so great for the environment!

It’s worth paying that little bit more for your skincare if the packaging is sustainable and mindful.


There is nothing like a good skin trend to get us mindful about how we treat our skin, especially if we are looking at a new year’s overhaul!

It’s always worth remembering that skin needs are individual to you. There will be much trial and error finding the right skincare trends and products that suit you and your skin needs; what may work for others may do nothing for you!

The most important thing about skincare is the ingredients, which are heavily trending in 2022. People become savvier to ingredients and their effects, so watch out for those ingredients that may suit your skin and what your skin needs.

It’s always trendy to use sustainably sourced and natural products, but this also needs to extend to the packaging. While not a trend we can put on our skin, sustainability is one of the most essential things holistically when it comes to products. Putting back into the place that gave us the beautiful products in the first place is priceless.

So whether it is fermented skincare for inflammation or cryo-style therapies to reduce that puffiness and pooling, make sure your chosen skin trends are suited to you and work well for your skin!

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