Idris and Sabrina Elba Launch Their Skincare Line

Who doesn’t love celebrity power couples who build their empire together? The newest couple to join this league is Idris and Sabrina Elba! The actors have launched a skincare line enriched with potent ingredients from Africa. Here is everything you need to know about this new celebrity skincare line on the block.

Everything You Need to Know About Idris and Sabrina Elba’s New Skincare Brand

1. How It All Began

The Elbas’ new skincare brand is a lockdown baby. The couple reveals that they started indulging in skincare rituals together while at home during the worst phase of the pandemic. What they love most about skincare is that it is gender neutral. The same products work equally well for both men and women. They fondly call their self-care regimen “us-care,” which is also a part of their brand philosophy.

2. About The Products

Idris and Sabrina’s skincare line currently offers three products – a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. It seems like a simple regimen but is packed with potent ingredients. The idea is an uncomplicated skincare routine that makes you feel good. The Elba’s mention that they paid close attention to how the products feel on their skin while curating this range. Also, these are products that can be used in multiple ways by different users. While Sabrina likes to use the toner as a makeup setting spray, Idris uses it after shaving. It is the true definition of fuss-free, functional skincare.

3. The Magical Ingredients

At the heart of this skincare line lie effective ingredients that make the products go that extra mile in terms of performance. Moreover, Sabrina has selected some special ingredients from Africa as a tribute to her childhood memories and roots. The cleanser combines Qasil, an extract from a Somalian tree, with shea butter and kaolin clay. The toner contains black seed extracts along with hydrating ingredients. And the moisturizer contains the anti-inflammatory properties of Baobab, along with nourishing shea butter and Squalane. This marriage of traditional African extracts with well-known skincare ingredients is what makes the skincare range unique and something to look forward to.

It is awe-inspiring how Idris and Sabrina have turned their lockdown rituals into a flourishing brand. Also commendable is how they have paid homage to African ingredients while creating a modern skincare regimen. So, if you are looking for simplistic, effective skincare, then do check out this range.

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