Selena Gomez’s Daily Makeup Routine Is Perfect For Every Woman!

Just the thought of Selena Gomez conjures images of luminous skin, flushed cheeks, and a radiant smile. The actress, singer, and makeup brand owner dons many feathers on her cap, and acing the “no makeup” makeup look is one of them. Selena recently revealed her go-to makeup routine for her everyday girl next door look. So, here is how you, too, can achieve the signature Selena look with these easy steps!

Selena Gomez’s “No Makeup” Makeup Routine Decoded

1. Illuminating Primer

The first step in Selena’s everyday makeup routine is an illuminating primer. This primer preps the skin for the base makeup and adds a healthy dewiness to the face. Selena loves how it makes her face look naturally radiant.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

After the primer, Selena applies a tinted moisturizer, preferably with her fingers. This product offers a natural skin-like finish with slight coverage. It also has SPF that protects the skin from sunlight. It is the perfect base product for everyday makeup looks. 

3. Brightening Concealer

Brightening Concealer
For her minimal makeup routine, Selena likes to use very little concealer, only where it is needed. She spot-conceals around her face and uses a brightening concealer under the eyes. She likes a concealer with a thin wand for precise application.

4. Blush

You can’t imagine Selena Gomez without blush on her cheeks. She likes to use a pigmented cream blush for this purpose. Cream blushes offer a more natural, seamless look. Her favorite is a rose pink shade that creates a healthy flush on her cheeks.

5. Lip Balm and Gloss

Selena loves glossy lips and never skips a lip balm to keep her lips hydrated. On top of her lip balm, she applies a pink gloss for a shiny “my lips but better” look. This lip duo is perfect for everyday looks and complements the minimal base makeup to the tee.

6. Mascara

loves a mascara
A mascara is an excellent product to include in a “no makeup” makeup routine. It lengthens and thickens the lashes, adding more life to any simple makeup look. Selena loves a mascara that opens up her eyes and lengthens her lashes, eliminating the need for lash extensions.

7. Setting Spray

Setting spray is the magical product that makes Selena’s dewy makeup last all day long. While powders can steal the radiance from your makeup, setting spray retains the dewiness while offering a seamless and long-lasting finish. Selena likes to spritz it all over her face before heading out each day.

Isn’t Selena Gomez’s everyday makeup routine simple yet promising? Try it out today if you want that dewy, barely-there makeup look!

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