Beauty Blogger Ruth Crilly’s Skincare Tips For Damaged Skin

Damaged skin can be a result of allergies, sun exposure, or over-exfoliation, among other reasons. No matter what the cause, skin damage is hard to repair. You need to tweak your entire skincare regimen, cutting back on actives and focusing on soothing products. Sounds confusing? Beauty blogger Ruth Crilly (@ruthcrilly) is here to demystify this process for you!

Ruth is a former model-turned-content creator with a passion for all things beauty. She talks about skincare, makeup, and fashion on her blog, with tidbits from her life thrown into the mix.

Ruth recently experienced some bumps and irritation on her skin after a bout of stomach flu. She switched up her skincare routine to tackle the damage and documented her regimen on the blog. So, here are Ruth’s skincare tips to treat damaged skin at home.

Ruth’s Skincare Tips To Nurse Damaged Skin Back To Health

1. Gentle Cleansers

Cleansing is the first step of Ruth’s reparative skincare routine. She prefers cleansers that feel extremely gentle on the skin and do not strip it dry. In the morning, she uses a gentle gel cleanser to get rid of any sweat or oil. At night, she adds a cleansing balm to get rid of her makeup first.

2. Hydrating Serums

Hydrating Serums
After cleansing, Ruth likes to add a layer of hydration on her skin at night with a hydrating serum. She prefers lightweight and milky serums to sticky Hyaluronic Acid serums. Her favorite serum is almost like a runnier version of a moisturizer that makes the skin supple and soft.

3. Rescue Creams

To tackle redness or irritation, Ruth’s go-to is a rich and soothing rescue cream. She recommends selecting a rescue cream that offers intense hydration and contains soothing ingredients like Cica and ceramides. She uses such a cream twice a day as her moisturizer.

4. Hydrating Masks

Hydrating Masks
To offer a burst of hydration to her skin, Ruth likes to use gel-based hydrating masks. Her favorite mask is a blend of hyaluronic acid, panthenol, and a moisture complex that deeply hydrates the skin. These ingredients will calm your skin and reduce any dryness.

5. Sunscreen

Damaged skin demands optimal sun protection during the day. For this, Ruth prefers a lightweight and hydrating sunscreen. She avoids products that make her skin feel tight and leans towards a sunscreen with a weightless gel finish.

Ruth says that her skin would go back to normal within a couple of weeks of using these products. This makes the regimen quite promising. So, the next time you end up with irritated or bumpy skin, do try out Ruth’s tips to restore the health of your skin. To know more about Ruth’s skincare routine, check out the full blog post on

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