The Ultimate Guide for Perfect Pre-prom and Post Prom Planning


The Prom!

This is an exciting time for many youngsters who have come to the end of their academic careers. It is a way of formally celebrating the end of their time in the school, which are memories that will always remain embedded in everyone who attends!

Proms have been happening all over America for many years and were first seen spoken about in high school yearbooks dating right back to the 1930s and 40s. There are, however, some historical schools of thought that say the prom could date back as early as the late 1800s.

Proms were planned in the elite colleges of Northeast America, where they were said to take their inspiration from the debutante balls that the wealthy and affluent communities used to host.

Prom events and prom planning have changed so much over time!

As we have seen, prom trends can vary from big flowing dresses, dinner suits, and a full orchestral entrance to fashion-led ball gowns, more informal suits, and the latest up-and-coming band.

We have also seen that the prom experience has now been taken on board in many countries of the world as a way to celebrate the end of school.

So, how do you plan the perfect elements of the best experience of your life? Let’s have a look!

1. Choosing the dress

choosing the dress

Finding the perfect prom dress for a girl is potentially the most essential element of the whole event!

And it will also potentially be THE most significant expense!

The good news is, there are no hard and fast rules for the perfect prom dress. Still, it is all about individuality and making sure you choose elements of the dress that make you feel amazing!

Some elements to consider for the perfect prom dress are:

  • The color is crucial for the level of confidence you feel when you wear it, so make sure it’s a color you fall in love with!
  • The design – The design and cut of the dress are also super important! Make sure it fits perfectly, and everything’s made to fit your body! You need a dress that makes you feel amazing, and whether that’s a long flowing gown or a more fitted and informal style, the choice is yours.
  • The practicality- Although this is important, it may be changeable depending on the design of the dress itself! The most crucial thing to consider is to make sure you can move freely in it, that you can breathe properly in it, and you are not leaving yourself at risk of tripping over it!
  • The material is an essential element of the feel of the dress, and it is a great occasion, so think of luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, and lace for that touch of uniqueness!

2. Accessories

With the perfect dress, you can make it even more impressive with the perfect accessories!

Be cautious of the number of accessories you have so you don’t overload your dress as a feature. Be mindful of them either matching or complimenting the dress too!

Essential accessories include:

  • A small clutch bag in a similar hue to your dress for carrying all the essentials
  • A necklace – Small and understated works best if you have a dress with busy detail, or bold and sparky if your dress is muted and simple.
  • Hair accessories – Some fancy hair slides or hair crystals can work well, but don’t overload the detail!
  • Shoes – The shoes you choose will make or break the dress’s impact, so make sure they complement the design of your dress and make sure they fit well, are not too uncomfortable, and you can walk safely in them.

3. Corsages


The term “Corsage” is French in origin and relates to the bodice of a dress that may contain some form of floral adornment.

The tradition of gifting a female date with a corsage to wear throughout the prom is traditional. A date would collect the lady with a corsage and pin it to her dress or attach the small floral arrangement around her wrist.

This is a tradition still upheld in proms across America today. However, the tradition may not be so kept around the world where these are held, potentially due to changing customary values worldwide.

It may be a super good idea to let your date know the color scheme you have for your dress to make sure the color they choose for the corsage does not clash horrendously!

4. Hair and makeup

The hair and makeup for your prom can be an agonizing decision to get right but don’t worry, there are plenty of options, and there is nothing that you can do that will be right or wrong! Whatever works for you will be just perfect!

You can choose to have your hair and makeup done for the prom professionally, much like brides do, but be sure to book this with plenty of time in advance to make sure you can get appointments for trials, allergy tests, and dress rehearsal appointments.

Make sure you also have an idea of the looks you like and give them a picture of the kind of thing you would like them to recreate. Magazine cuttings and internet images can give your MUA an excellent idea!

If you choose to do everything yourself, then definitely do some trial runs, both with and without your dress on to ensure that everything looks perfect for prom day.

5. Booking a limo

Ahhh, the limo! The pinnacle point of any prom arrival!

Although a limo is a traditional mode of transport for proms, there has to be some organization involved to get the right vehicle and reliable service to get you to and from the venue safely and in style!

However, times are varied and changing, and you might find many people choosing alternative and wacky modes of transport to make that statement entrance to your prom!

All in all, you need to consider:

  • Price – you may find that the earlier you book your transport, the better service you will get. Some companies will inflate their prices around prom time or indeed get booked up completely, so ensure to book it well in advance once you decide what you want.
  • The service – Is the service the hiring company is providing going to fit your needs? Be mindful of your return journey, how many people they offer to include (especially important if you want to arrive as part of a group), and any timings you need to adhere to for traveling.
  • The style – does the limo fit the image you are going for? Does the color match? Will the journey provide efficient traveling safely and in style?

So many considerations! But the most crucial thing is making sure you can afford the vehicle hire and it is safe.


Of course, there are so many other considerations such as photos, your date, food and drink, after-party arrangements, and anything else that would make a perfect prom experience, but we have tried to prioritize!

Although a traditional prom may be the obvious choice and indeed an event that will go down in history, the elements that make up the perfect prom will be the elements that are personal to you.

The dress? It’s perfect if it makes you feel perfect!

The hair and makeup? As long as it suits you and the looks you want to achieve, it’s definitely the perfect choice!

The limo? Arriving in safety and style is paramount, so make sure that it fits who you are!

The prom will be perfect as long as you are happy and confident in the choices you have made. Be individual where you need to be and definitely have lots of fun that you can look back on so fondly in years to come!

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