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Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular than it is now in the summer of 2021.

While the global restrictions of the last 20 months have kept entertaining at bay, and with some international restrictions still in place, the focus for entertaining outdoors has taken on new popularity since outside is still deemed the safest place to be.

There has been considerable growth in the entertaining outdoor industry, especially when people can now make the most of the summer months. But how do you execute the perfect outdoor entertaining style that suits your budget, style, guest needs, and personal taste?

The answer here is simple, and that answer is to work within a theme! There are many approaches you can take to create your perfect outdoor entertaining experience, such as:

  • Luxurious and High-End
  • Romantic and Comforting
  • Simplistic and Minimal
  • Budget-Friendly

There are so many ways between these ideas too, and the best place to start is to choose a manageable running theme for you, as entertaining, in general, can be a huge task!

Finding the balance can be the biggest issue, so making sure that the theme is also suitable for the guests you are inviting is a crucial element!

Let’s have a look at some of the main areas of consideration for the ultimate outdoor entertaining experience within those niches and see what we can do to make a summer evening to remember this year!

Luxurious and High End

A luxurious and high-end outdoor entertaining experience may well give you connotations of the poolsides in a hot country that appear to party all day, so that’s what we are looking to achieve here!

Not to mention obtaining the best quality food, drink, service, and entertainment for you and your guests. With this option, money is no question!

1. Furnishings

High-end and luxury call for daybeds encased in 4-poster white drapes, just like those you see by the pools. They are designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation with that touch of class and exclusivity.

Pair the furnishings with white and silver satin and silk cushions and curtain lights attached to the day-bed frames for when the night draws in.

2.Food and Drink

Food and Drink

As you can imagine, the food and drink with a luxury outdoor entertaining experience must be the best you can find!

While we are looking into the likes of lobster, fresh platters of exotic fruit, and champagne on tap, we are also considering how it is served and what it is served on.

This is probably the best place to get the best outside caterers in for your outdoor entertainment. They can supply the absolute best ways to serve the food and drink while giving a luxury touch to your entertaining experience.

Romantic And Comforting

This kind of entertaining outdoor experience might be the most exclusive one you’ll meet in terms of guests. It may also well be just 2 of you or a select few couples that get together for an outdoor entertaining experience with that romantic edge.

1. Dining Setup

A romantic experience calls for a sizable hexagonal table, with enough space for 2 on each apex, with deep and comfortable outdoor chairs to have the ability to stay all night!

With a large central umbrella covered in fairy lights and candlelight throughout the outdoor space, we love the vibe of romance as night falls.

2. Drink of Choice

Drink of Choice

We are totally loving the wine vibe for romance and comfort, so be sure to grab each variation of Red, White, and Rosé and present it in ice buckets on the table for free-pouring.

Simplistic and Minimal

This variation of outdoor entertaining can be the easiest of them all, and sometimes that is just what’s needed.

By simplistic, we don’t mean a takeaway on a blanket! We suggest simple touches that make the experience memorable.

1. Music Ideas

So while we are considering this simplistic outdoor entertaining experience to be relaxed and easy to achieve, the music choice can really set the tone for everyone. Make a playlist of at least 6 hours filled with chill-out versions of popular songs, instrumental versions of classics, and easy-listening songs.

2. Food Serving

Food Serving

For the simplistic experience, we are looking to have the freedom to do as you please. Serving the food in a buffet style so people can take what they want when they want will be your saving grace here!

A large serving table full of tasty and easy food, such as salads, wood-fired pizza, sliders with condiments, and lots of choices, will be the best way to execute simplistic eating.


If money needs to be budgeted, there is no better way than to make everything you need for an outdoor entertainment experience!

Being on a budget means you can get creative with your decorations, food, and how you execute the experience, and this can be one of the best outdoor experiences you have ever had!

1. Get Crafty!

While buying ready-made decorations is excellent for ease, there’s nothing that speaks louder than homemade decorations, from paper spirals that spin in the breeze to home-decorated mason jars that act as tea-light holders.

You really can create such a great atmosphere with paper decorations, hand-written place cards, and glitter-covered makeshift candle holders, plus so much more!

2. Get Cooking!

The lower end of the budget does not mean boring! Getting busy in the kitchen and making everything from scratch for your outdoor entertaining may mean more work for you. Still, your guests will only see the tremendous amount of effort you have gone to personally execute everything.

Some budget-friendly ideas for food would be:

  • Homemade vegetable crisps by the bucket load
  • Hand-made cheese savories
  • Fresh salads with interchangeable hero ingredients, such as spiced grilled chicken, spicy tempura fish bites, or chorizo chunks
  • Lots of hand-made sandwiches presented beautifully
  • Home-baked sausage rolls
  • Fresh Punch
  • Conclusion

    Whether you choose the epitome of luxury for your outdoor entertaining or the bare minimum and simplistic route, make sure that whatever you do is easy for you, matches the guests, the vibe you are aiming for, and can be executed precisely.

    Most people will remember the atmosphere and the experience over most other things at an event like this, so as long as you have that perfected, your entertaining outdoor experience will go down a treat at the time and be fondly remembered for years to come!

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