Beauty Blogger Bree Shares Her Makeup Must-Haves for Athletes

If you are an athlete who loves to wear makeup, you need sweatproof and long-lasting products. The same holds for anyone who works outdoors, in a sweaty environment. If you are on the quest for budge-proof makeup, beauty blogger Bree (@scurtoworldbeauty) has your back! She has shared some of her top picks that will work equally well for sportspersons and those living in a hot and humid climate.

Bree is an avid makeup enthusiast who loves to share makeup reviews, beauty tips, and the latest news from the beauty world on her blog – Her USP is completely genuine product reviews and makeup tips that work. So, when Bree recommends products that can endure sweat, she is confident that these will last on your face all day long. Here is a sneak peek into her sweatproof makeup picks.

Bree’s Top Picks for Sweatproof Makeup

1. Waterproof Eyeliner

Waterproof eyeliner is a must-have for all athletes. Whether you are hitting the gym or practicing outdoors, eyeliner can make you look instantly put together. Bree recommends a waterproof felt tip eyeliner because it is easy to apply, even on the go.

2. Waterproof Mascara

If you want to look more awake and energetic with the help of makeup, mascara is what you need. Bree recommends a waterproof mascara that lifts and lengthens the lashes to open up the eyes. This is a great pick for sportspersons and busy professionals alike.

3. Face Primer

Bree recommends a moisturizing face primer to act as a base for your sweatproof makeup. It will create a better grip between your skin and your foundation while smoothing and hydrating the skin. Therefore, your skin will look more flawless, and your face makeup will last all day.

4. Long-Wearing Foundation

If you want some coverage for your face, you must pick a waterproof foundation. Bree recommends a long-wearing foundation that is sweatproof and mask-proof. Remember, less is more with base makeup, so start with a little foundation and build up the coverage where needed.

5. Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick instantly brings life to the face, but you can’t rely on creamy lipsticks or lip glosses if you are an athlete. You need something matte, long-lasting, and transfer-proof. Bree recommends a matte liquid lipstick that will last all day long no matter how much you sweat.

So, if you are an athlete or an active, outdoorsy person, try out these makeup picks by Bree. Check out the full blog post on for more details!

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