Top Makeup Organization Tips by Beauty Blogger Meghan Donovan

If you are a beauty lover, you must have multiples of various products in your beauty arsenal. This means that storage and organization are something that you probably struggle with.

The perfect way to organize makeup is to have a place where all the products are easily accessible to you and do not die a slow death at the back of a shelf. Beauty blogger Meghan Donovan (@meghandono) has nailed this art of makeup organization over the years. She has shared some of her favorite tips to make the most of your makeup real estate!

Meghan is a clean beauty lover who created her blog,, to share her passion with the world. On her blog, Meghan talks about all her beauty, fashion, and travel escapades. She currently lives in New York City, where homes are low on storage space. So, she has figured out some makeup storage tricks over time and has shared them with her readers too!

Meghan’s Makeup Storage Tips

1. Declutter

According to Meghan, decluttering should be the first step when organizing your makeup. This way, you can get rid of expired or old makeup, which will simplify the organization. This trick is most useful with nail polishes and eye makeup, which tend to go bad faster.

2. Use Clear Containers

Use Clear Containers

Meghan prefers clear acrylic containers and trays to store different makeup products. She recommends assigning one container per category or using dividers to separate different types of products. This way, you will know where you can find a particular product without scouring through drawers. Plus, using clear containers ensures that everything is visible and more accessible.

3. Label and Store Similar Items Together

When you are in a rush, labels are what will save you! According to Meghan, a label maker is an excellent investment if you are an organization geek. When you have too many containers stacked together, labels can help you get to the right one in no time. So, you can have separate labeled containers for lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, base products, etc.

4. Keep Your Counter Space Neat

The best way to make your space look neat is to clear up your counter. Meghan recommends only placing a few items that you use daily on your counter in a pretty tray or organizer. For makeup brushes, you can repurpose old candle jars that work well as beautiful brush holders! As for the rest of the makeup that you only use on special occasions, store it in containers inside your vanity to give a minimalistic vibe to your space.

We hope that these tips help you clean and organize your makeup collection like a pro. For more tricks, check out Meghan’s full blog post on

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