Hair Spotlight – Madelaine Petsch’s Iconic Red Beach Waves

The hit TV series, Riverdale, will be releasing its fifth season in 2021, and apart from all the drama we’re expecting, we just can’t wait to see Cheryl Blossom’s (Madelaine Petsch’s character) famous red locks on-screen again.

We dug around to find out how she maintains her healthy-looking beach waves and how we can have that same healthy hair without making an unnecessary trip to our hairdressers in this time.

Serving us some serious The Little Mermaid vibes, it came as a really big surprise to find that there seems to be no secret or specific routine, which Madelaine follows! We’re taking a look at her 2 basic hair care tips, so keep reading!

Learn What Your Scalp Needs

In some interviews, Madelaine had shared that she typically only washes her hair weekly because shampooing it too frequently caused her hair to feel extremely dry. She’s right!

Frequent washing strips your hair from its natural oils and other properties, which keep it looking and feeling healthy. That said, some people need washes every alternate day so find what suits you!

Worried about grease building up between washes? Carry a small bottle of dry shampoo with you so that you can keep that at bay wherever you are. A word of advice: use it sparingly to avoid clogging your hair follicles over time.

Mask Your Hair For Deeper Conditioning

Even if your hair doesn’t require constant styling to maintain the same buoyancy through every camera take, protecting and strengthening your locks are still just as important! Madelaine masks her hair once a week and we understand why.

If you have frizzy hair that’s hard to maintain or simply have damaged tresses from daily heat tools, a hydrating hair mask would help return moisture and nutrients into every strand. The nutrients strengthen your locks against further damage but keep in mind that you’ll still have to use a heat protectant spray before styling.

Find what works best for you and say goodbye to bad hair days!

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